DareDevil teases Agents of SHIELD Tie-in



Netflix upcoming series has dropped a huge bombshell of a teaser image onto Twitter over the weekend, and it helps raise a host of questions around how this series will tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Continue reading

Thought Bubble: What Does Coulson’s Writing Mean?

shieldcodeAgent of SHIELD may have started slowly but after the whole Hydra revelation and the reveal of how Coulson was brought back from the dead the show has been firing on all cylinders with some great action sequences, decent villains and confrontations and a host of mysteries for people to decifer. No mystery is bigger than the still running mystery of ‘What are those Runes Coulson is writing?’ Well here’s my theroy on that following this weeks season2 episode2 shedding a little more light on the potential direction of this story thread. Continue reading