Kids React to Avengers:Age of Ultron


Kids React is a wonderful series of videos that show children things for the first time and record their reactions to exactley what their seeing- and we all know with kids you get the brutal and sometimes hilarious truth. This particular video gives a great look at the latest Avengers Trailer Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy movie poster invasion

18Guardians of the Galaxy is still a hot property so it should come as no surprise there’s a host of people out there making mash-up posters, so here are some of the best and worst that ive seen so far. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Tozzer (Comic book series)


Monday has arrived again and that means that its time for a recommendation to see people through the week, or really to give you something new/exciting to try to find and fill that free time that leaves you wondering it is you should be doing. This week see’s a very limited and independent comic book series get my recommendation in the form of ‘Tozzer.’  This is a series made by Rob Dunlop and Peter Lumby, and from the very beginning does exactly what it sets out to do tells a hell of a funny story and delivers some great looking laugh out loud moments. Continue reading