Comic Book Picks 12th July’17


Wednesday is nearly here again, and that means its time for this weeks new comic books. With so many titles out there- here are my choices to be worthy of your hard earned cash. At this point I’d like to throw out a recommendation for ‘Batman: Noir’ hardcover- I know these are rare for me but this is such a good series, and wont be included in my comic book picks.

American Gods: Shadows #5


Official Synopsis: Strange things continue to plague Shadow and Wednesday as their mad American road trip takes them all the way to a surreal roadside attraction, the House on the Rock, where they encounter Mr. Nancy and the world’s largest carousel!

Why it’s a Pick: This title has been superb, the story has followed the novel brilliantly but given us some really nice images and representations of the character. for fans of the novel this has been great, and I’d imagine for anyone who has never read the novel this should be a real trip of a story that only continues to get better and better as it gets weirder and weirder.  This is a great fantasy book, and we really do need more of these!


Howling #1


Official Synopsis: The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen #1 picks up where the cult-classic 1981 film left off: Three weeks have passed since Chris Halloran revealed on national TV that werewolves walk among us. No one believed him. Now Marsha Quist has returned for revenge – and now there is no colony to hold back her blood lust. For fans of Evil Dead 2, The Walking Dead, and Silver Bullet. !

Why it’s a Pick: This is here because for good or bad reasons the original movie is a cult classic, and as  fan of the film I’m really interested into what more they can get out of this! And there doesn’t seem to be a better way to continue its story than in comic book form. This has all the makings of a really good B-movie horror comic that mixes equal parts gore with cheesy moments- so lets hope that’s exactly what we get.


Star Wars Darth Vader #3


Official Synopsis: • Vader sets his sights on a Jedi who’s avoided Order 66… …a Jedi Master who’s long lived in seclusion… …a Jedi more powerful than any Vader has faced before…

Why it’s a Pick: This title has been great- seeing Vader finding his robotic feet in the ways of Sith and hunting down Jedi is a real treat- it shouldn’t be as I truly love the Jedi but it really will be. There’s something so good about seeing a really powerful Vader, and right now this title and the previous Vader series have done a very good job making the mean and feared villain he was within ‘A New Hope’ and the entire first trilogy- which is only a great thing.

Book of the week


Yes this one is a shocker I know, but the fact this is a new title based on an old product has me really excited! It’s a totally fresh book to the market and with these you never know what you can get- but the chance of gold is always there and that’s exciting. In a time where some publishers are becoming safe and a lot of titles feel the same or look the same its always good to see something new dropping.


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