Comic Book Picks 5th July’17


Wednesday is about to begin, well almost, and with it comes another new batch of joyous comic books. With that in mind here are my top picks for this weeks releases….

Batman #26


Official Synopsis: “THE WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES” part two! The Riddler and The Joker escalate their bloody feud, and the villains of Gotham City are forced to choose sides or be caught in the crossfire! It’s up to Batman to push himself to the limit and keep innocent citizens out of harm’s way.

Why it’s a Pick: The ‘War of Jokes and Riddles’ started hot, and watching two of Batman’s all time top villains (and the top two since Snyder took this book on) going head-to-head is just to good for you to avoid this.


Seven to Eternity #7


Official Synopsis: Now suffering from the aftermath of the sentient swamp, The Mosak follow Adam to Jevalia’s childhood home to discover a trampled paradise, the bled souls of its heroes, and a fetid industry thirsting for more.

Why it’s  a Pick: This has been a top title since it saw the release of the first issue and the story only seems to be getting better- Adam has made a choice he may never recover from, and with the arrival of his daughter this only makes things worse. Seeing Adam out on his own having already heard the whisper is a shock I wasn’t expecting but its also one that I’m very keen to see how it goes.


Star Wars #33


Official Synopsis: The Hero of the Rebellion & the Princess of the Revolution!
Luke and Leia finally get some time alone. Unfortunately, it’s stranded on a desert island.

Why it’s a Pick: It’s Star Wars so this is always going to be a pick, add to that the fact that were coming out of ‘Screaming Citadel’ which was a good tale- this feels like it should give us some family moments and some real emotion. Either way this should be a good tale and one well worth reading.


Book of the Week


Seven to Eternity steals it this week top read- this is a book that is too good to miss, and will right at the top of my reading pile with good reason. Remender has crafted a wonderful world and Opena has given everything life- this really is what this medium is all about.

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