Comic Book Picks 17th May’17


Tomorrow see’s the release of a whole new bunch of comic books- but as with every week there are is a host of top level titles. So what should you be buying? Well as always here are my top picks for this week….

American Gods: Shadows #3


Official Synopsis: After a bizarre encounter with his dead wife, Shadow Moon is eager to flee Eagle Point and put the past behind him. In Chicago, he is introduced to an eccentric family who seem to be a key part of Mr. Wednesday’s mysterious plans.

Why it’s a Pick: American Gods, is my favourite stand alone novel, so seeing this brought to life in comic book form is exciting- and we also get the live action television show at the same time! This is a great time for American Gods, and with the comic book following the novel closely so far and delivering some solid artwork and images you need to get on board now before this totally blows up!

Powers #8


Official Synopsis: “Hidden”

Why it’s a Pick: Powers is always a top level title, the artwork is great and the very down and out world of banned super heroes is always producing some very good story telling. This book doesn’t get released anywhere near often enough as I would like, but with that delayed release it only helps make each book more and more anticipated. This is some of the best alternative superhero story telling out there- and you owe it to yourself to be reading this comic.

Star Wars #31 (Screaming Citadel #2)


Official Synopsis: ‘THE SCREAMING CITADEL’ – PART 2 While Luke and Aphra face the Queen of the Citadel? ?Han and Leia are coming?for Aphra?!

Why it’s a Pick: The first issue of this book was brilliant- watching Aphra and Luke fighting side by side and deciding to keep their partnership secret was entertaining- I’m also excited to see how the attempted revival of a fallen Jedi consciousness goes. And then I haven’t even mentioned the power draining new villains we saw- this should be a great mini-event and all Star Wars fans need to be buying this now!

Book of the Week

698041_148f58d6f216022aba9f031de3527a926b626b97Two weeks in a row that the ‘Screaming Citadel’ has stolen book of the week, but the first issue was so good and left so many new teases that need to be answered that there is no way I couldn’t have this title at the top of the reading pile this week. Star Wars has been on fire at Marvel and I really don’t see this changing anytime soon with the current event. If you love comics or Star Wars this should be for you.

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