Why Thor is Unworthy!

unworthythor-ribicMarvel has finally revealed why Thor is unworthy of Mjolnir this week, and its a been a long time coming. Since Nick Fury uttered the never revealed words in 2014 Thor has been unworthy to wield his Hammer, and now we know why.

Nick Fury really had the defining moment in the ‘Original Sin’ event ans he whispered the hushed words into Thors (Odinsosn) ear and made him unworthy to hold the hammer- and ever since fans have been clambering all over every possible idea to find out what was said- well know we know!

In yesterdays issue, Thor tells Bill that Gorr was right about gods. He says that they are “vain and vengeful” and that they “are all unworthy” of their worshipper’s love. When Bill asks if he actually believes that, Thor replies “If I did not… I would still be holding my hammer.”

Gorr originally stated:


Obviously now we know that Fury shared this opinion on Gods being unworthy of followers and Thor agrees causing him to loose Mjolnir forever. Not quite what I had envisioned but I’m glad this came to light.

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