Who Trained Luke Skywalker?


We all know Luke Skywalker was trained by Ben Kenobi and Yoda (that’s one hell of a pairing) but at the end of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Luke was a very struggling Jedi still in training despite training under Yoda- yet at the start of ‘Return of the Jedi’ we see a full Jedi trained Luke. So what happened? Well here are some thoughts based on the ever growing current continuity.

With Disney acquiring Star Wars one of the real shames was the eradication of the expanded universe as ‘Cannon’ however they have done a great job so far with the comic books, novels and the animated shows of building there own very exciting cannon. And maybe Disney will even give us a clue as to how in the time between Episode V and VI Luke became a fully fledged Jedi. But until then here’s my out there theory……….


Now this may come as a totally out there theory but here it is: Luke was trained by Kanan Jarrus who helped him fine tune his force sensitivity and finish his training. Yes that’s right the same Kanan that we are seeing currently in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ helped finish the training of Luke Skywalker! Don’t believe me here is the path that has led me to this.

First and foremost there has always been a huge leap in Skywalkers abilities between the films and we know that both of his mentors were dead- Yoda died and passed into the force along with Ben Kenobi and while they talk to Luke cant really train him from there. So who did finish his training, surely he didn’t do this himself? And if he didn’t do this himself he needs another Jedi, and based on the age of Kanan in the current Rebels period he would only be around about 20years older than Luke- and with his fate currently unknown he is more than capable of still being around and keeping his existence a secret. I mean he managed to hide himself away as a Jedi from the Empire for most of his time on Phoenix Squadron, and has already gained some experience in training Jedi, as his Padawan Ezra has really grown despite the transition being difficult. Kanan certainly has the skill and the knowledge to train Luke, despite loosing his sight which only helped to improve his connection to the force. And just like Luke he wasn’t over thrilled with the responsibility of being  sole Jedi so has some experience in handling this weight.


Now this may seem a little weak on its own, and that would be fair as the simple ideology that he couldn’t train himself isn’t enough- but lets expand this a little now then. Marvel has done a great job with the comic book series, and has really helped to add to the ever growing universe, and one of the ways in which they have done this is through the teachings of Ben Kenobi post death. Luke has managed to make his way back to Tatooine and while there found Ben Kenobi’s journal and has been reading about Ben’s life since he arrived on the desert planet.

And we now know from the weeks ‘Star Wars Rebels’ that Kenobi is very aware of the existence of other Jedi within the galaxy and he had interaction with young Ezra Bridger, and already seemed to be aware of him at least from a balance within the force perspective. So if Kenobi is keeping a journal surely it would contain mention of Ezra and the ultimate demise of Maul incident we just witnessed. It would also mention that Ezra was the one to inform him of the rebellion against the Empire, and may well lead to an encounter between Kenobi and Jarrus at a later date as I find it really hard to believe that Kana wouldn’t be at least remotely interested in meeting one of the only remaining Jedi. And should this be the case then there is no reason to assume that he didn’t give a location to Kenobi should he ever need to find him that Luke can pluck from the journal.


Now the big question is does Kanan survive this long in the timeline? Well we all know that his partner in crime and leader of Phoenix squadron Hera Syndulla is alive and well during the time of ‘A New Hope’ as we get her referenced during the Death Star battle in ‘Rogue One’ so it’s not beyond hope that this could very well be the case. And if that’s the case then did he help Skywalker, I see no reason why he would turn him away and personally would love to find out one day for sure.

For now I’m going with it as a theory simply because there is no proof otherwise and the mere connection between the two would be brilliant. This is something that could be easily explained away as Luke simply practised what Yoda taught him, but really there is too big a leap for him to simply have done this alone, and if not Kanan Jarrus then who? Ezra Bridger- I’m almost convinced he’s going to go full Sith by the end of Rebels to complete his story but I guess you never know.

Skywalker trained by Kanan just seems so right that to me it makes perfect sense, let me know what you think.

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