Comic Book Picks 8th March’17


Wednesday is but one solitary sleep away and that means it’s very close to new comic book day again and that means its time for me to let you know what I think you should all be buying this week.

Harrow County #21


Official Synopsis: As the guardian of Harrow County, Emmy is not surprised that someone has come to ask for her help. But she is surprised that her visitor is a haint! Someone (or something) has been attacking Harrow County’s supernatural residents, and it’s up to Emmy to solve the mystery.

Why it’s a Pick: Harrow County has been killing it lately with the story content, the entire backstory of magic was superbly handled as was the tale of the beast. I’m fully expecting this to be just as good, seeing Emmy fully embrace her ability of talking with haint’s should be truly fascinating.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D 1954: Ghost Moon (1 of 4)


Official Synopsis: Hellboy hunts ancient Chinese demons in the Walled City of Hong Kong when an old friend of Bruttenholm’s calls in a favor. A heavily researched look into the early days of the British spy network in the Far East, combined with Mignola’s unique brand of supernatural adventure.

Why it’s a Pick: Hellboy’s tales from after the war and between the continuity of the main series have been nothing short of fun and enjoyable. And the fact that these are the only things we are getting from the Hellboy universe given he end of ‘Hellboy in Hell’ you need to be getting this book and getting your Hellboy fix here right now this week.

Flash #18


Official Synopsis: “SINS OF THE FATHER” part one! With his superhero career finally underway, Wally West must learn the truth about his father, Daniel West, the long-lost villain known as Reverse-Flash. To retrace his steps, Kid Flash and The Flash must travel to the most dangerous place in the DC Universe: Belle Reve Prison!

Why it’s a Pick: Flash has been amazing- the art work makes the action looked as fast paced as it should, and really shows of the best of the slower and more meaningful moments between characters too. I’m excited to see how they handle the backstory of family drama with Wally, and seeing the Flashes travel to a rogue filled prison could provide some very exciting and interesting conflicts.

Book of the Week


The promise of Emmy helping a haint with their problem is too much to lure me away from this book. This should be an exciting read an a real change of pace and direction for an already brilliantly presented and told tale- if you haven’t read Harrow County yet you really owe it to yourself to do so.

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