Elimination Chamber 2017 Predictions

downloadElimination Chamber is arriving this weekend, and it feels like the build has happened really quickly as they’ve only had 2 weeks to get to this since the Rumble. However despite that there are some potentially good matches, and with the way Smackdown has been delivering lately it should be a great show, however without further ado here is a run down of the card and my predictions for the event.

Well we are into John Cena’s 16th reign as a world champion and we are now getting some well delivered and planned Womens feuds and this show should only help showcase and strengthen this- so here are the matches and my predicted outcomes.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Kalisto & Apollo Crews

This seems like an odd booking- I was fully ready for Apollo to get a big singles feud against Dolph and finally get a big win to push him up the card after seemingly being forgotten for a short while. However it appears the WWE are still trying to push Kalisto and as a result are putting three guys who need a push in the same match. Having said that seeing the awesomely good heel Ziggler get his first real lose and beat down should be exciting- only how the decide who gets the pin I’m unsure about.

Winner: Crews & Kalisto


Mickie James Vs Becky Lynch


This should be a great match from an in ring perspective as both of these athletes are amazing between the ropes. The build for this feud has been well handled too with them starting this out of the title feud with Alexa and then moving them forward to feud over the legacy of James and the future of Lynch. I’m expecting this to be a technical affair with plenty of back and forth action, but in the end the heel will score the win here with a hold of the tights to continue the feud.

Winner: Mickie James


Randy Orton Vs Luke Harper

This has the longest running build of any of the main feuds on the show as since Orton joined the Wyatts these two have been teasing this feud, and its about time we got to see a little bit of blow out from this. Add to this the fact that that both of these men seem to have chemistry together, and there styles should mix nicely with the power and craziness of Harper playing off the speed of Orton along with his odd offense. Watching Harper try to get his revenge while trying to get a small face push could be awkward but with the reaction he got when he turned on Bray this week- I don’t foresee this being a big difficulty. However with Orton Mania main event bound this match has an unfortunately predictable end.

Winner: Randy Orton


Nikki Bella Vs Natalya

This is a potentially great match- but the build has lacked a little something on the microphone. There physical encounters have been well done but the constant whining about who has a more famous family that has gotten them more seems childish at times. Despite this the match has potential, but maybe the least of the 3womens matches on the card- however I’m still expecting this to be a good match. With Nikki having issues with her neck and potentially stepping up (if feasible) to take on Mickie it seems that she is going to get the win here and finally revenge that Survivor Series beatdown.

Winner: Nikki Bella


Tag Team Turmoil

This should be an interesting match- it feels as though they hadn’t correctly built anyone to challenge so instead choose everyone. Despite this there is potential for this match to be a lot of fun, and with the Ascension gaining a totally shocking win on Smackdown it helps add to the feeling that anything could happen in this match- I mean even Gotch might not be the first one eliminated but he likely will be. Having said that it feels like right now their isn’t a team ready to take the titles and run with them like Alpha so I’m expecting a huge ton of fun but not a title switch.

Winner: American Alpha


Alexa Bliss Vs Naomi (Womens Championship)

I’m totally loving Alexa as the cocky heel running the division and to be honest didn’t think she would be so good so high up the card this soon- she has been a real standout since the draft. Naomi feels like she is a superb athlete in the ring and this has never been in question- but she really needs some work on her promoi skills and this weeks Smackdown showed that when in the ring with the other 3 women. This should be a great match and I fully expect Naomi to get in a lot of high octane and exciting looking offense but ultimately the skill and quality of Alexa as an overall performer should be enough to get her through maybe with some shenanigans so Naomi can finally get a title victory (is this her first shot? I’m sure it is!) in her home town at Mania. Im hoping that isnt the case as I love Bliss as the champ, but it wouldnt be a bad idea. Either way Bliss walks out of Chamber with the gold.

Winner: Alexa Bliss.


Elimination Chamber (WWE Championship)


This match features all of the top talent that Smackdown has- and while that’s great for this match it also highlights how Smackdown could have done with Samoa Joe to bolster things a little. But lets put that aside and look at what seems inevitable here- and thats John Cena loosing the title and Bray Wyatt walking out the champ to face his family member Bray Wyatt at Mania. While I’m excited to see Bray with Gold this needs to be longer lasting than the tag team titles where early in the year, and with this being the obvious outcome I’m also half hopeful for an odd swerve like Miz or Corbin- yes I know Corbin doesn’t seem quite ready but Miz is doing the best heel work of his career right now.  AJ would be the ideal option to headline Mania, especially given the amazing year he has had but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. This should be a great and brutal match if booked well, and really should steal the show- so lets just hope that the creative team have this one ready to go at the level the performers do.

Winner: And new Champion Bray Wyatt

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