Comic Book Picks 8th Feb’17


Wednesday is nearly upon us once more- and with it comes a tide of comic books. This week sees some big releases, even if you take out the Marvel titles (Yes I’m making a stand as their CEO sits in the Trump Administration) So lets go straight ahead and look at the releases I’m recommending this week.

Black Science #28


Official Synopsis: In their darkest hour of need, a new hero rises to fight alongside the Dimensionauts.

Why it’s a Pick: Black Science is a top science fiction title without question, and with them looking to add what appears to be a dimension full of superheroes this could get epic! The title delivers some great character work each month and some wonderful art work, so seeing this take a new and totally unexpected twist should be exciting. Remender also has a great track record with superheroes so seeing him mix them in with the hard edged Science fiction should be a true treat.

All Star Batman #7


Official Synopsis: “Poison Promises”! Step aside, gentlemen-Poison Ivy is about to steal the spotlight in Batman’s continuing rogues gallery road trip. Scott Snyder teams up with mega-talent Tula Lotay to reimagine the Dark Knight’s most seductive villain.

Why it’s a Pick: This title has been everything Batman should be, and if the last issue focusing on Freeze is any indication this rogues gallery trip has my blessing for sure. That issue was brilliantly focused, showed some great story telling and character work and looked beautiful (Jock has high praise here!) If this book can muster half the brilliance of that one then were in for another great read- Ohh yeah an Ivy is always bad ass too!

Flash #16


Official Synopsis: ROGUES RELOADED” part three! Dragged on a wild goose chase all over the world, The Flash tracks the Rogues to their next target: the people of Central City! But is even Barry Allen fast enough to solve five diabolical crimes at the same time?

Why it’s a Pick: Flash has been  an all out entertaining book since the start and it shows no sign of slowing down. This book is all out and unapologeticaly comic booky- and that is in no way a bad thing! Add to this the return of the Rogues, especially ‘Captain Cold’ and this story line should continue to be all out entertaining, and isn’t that what we all want really.

Book of the Week


Black Science steals the crown for me this week, the promise of adding Superheroes to this universe is too much for me to miss out on and not be excited about. Get yourself out there and pick up this book first thing!

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