Comic Book Picks’17


This weeks new comic book releases are nearly upon us, and here’s what I think you should be checking out this week and why.

Black Hammer Annual


Official Synopsis:  Jeff Lemire (W/Cover), Dustin Nguyen (A), Emi Lenox (A), Nate Powell (A), Matt Kindt (A), Ray Fawkes (A), and Dave Stewart (C) Illustrated by an all-star slate of guest artists, this oversized anthology issue features five Black Hammer stories from Jeff Lemire, each focusing on one of the stranded heroes. See how Dustin Nguyen, Emi Lenox, Nate Powell, Matt Kindt, and Ray Fawkes take on tales about Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Barbalien, and Madame Dragonfly.

Why it’s a Pick: Black Hammer has been a brilliant series so far, I know its only 6issues in but they have all been utterly engaging, and when you look at the superstar power they have added to the first annual this should be nothing short of great. The individual tales on each of our heroes should give us some more back story to build upon and provide some excitement as to what their power levels may be- this book has be me stoked!

Clone Conspiracy #4 (of5)


Official Syniopsis:  The darkest Spider-Man story ever gets EVEN DARKER!
Doctor Octopus and the Lizard have both been on a tight leash, but decide it’s time to stop playing nice

Why it’s a Pick: To be totally honest as excited as I was about this book, I also had some real nerves that this may well become the ‘Clone Saga’ nonsense all over again- but luckily for us Slott knows better. This has been an interesting book and the twist of the offer to return Uncle Ben to life was great along with the false twist of it being the Jackle- this book has been both exciting and had some great plot points so seeing Lizard and Dr Octopus go back to full bad guy this issue should be brilliant.

Kill or be Killed #5


Official Synopsis: NEW STORY ARC
BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS’ runaway bestseller just keeps going! Now that we’ve seen the origin of our killer, it’s only a matter of time before the NYPD realizes they have a vigilante on their streets.

Why it’s a Pick: Brubaker has been killing it with the intrigue and character work in this title. The balance between him being a good guy and having to become a murderer has been brilliantly paced and rounded out so well that you really feel the journey he has been on, and with the second story arc set to start this week i fully expect the intensity to pick up and fun to keep rolling.

Book of the Week


Black Hammer steals it this week simply due to the level of talent that are working on this book and helping to add their styles to some already intriguing and brilliantly written characters. This book has the potential to be one of the best annuals of the year if it all comes together.

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