Comic Book Picks 4th Jan’17


Hi All, and happy new year! Its good to be back after a wonderful 2 week break (spent relaxing with the family) but as always the comic books didn’t stop coming out, including the disappointing end to Civil War II- however this week has some big releases. With that sad here are my top picks for this week.

Batman #14


Official Synopsis: “I AM SUICIDE” epilogue! Back in Gotham City, Batman and Catwoman confront their past and make a decision about their future that may change their city forever.

Why it’s a Pick: ‘I am Suicide’ has been a breath of fresh air for the Batman story telling, and some of the character work- mainly Catwoman has been really good. The epilogue sounds interesting, and given the recent change to their relationship I couldn’t be more excited to see how the change things. Will they forever stay away, or will Batman see things from Selinas side? Wither way this should be a great piece of character work.

Rise of the Black Flame #5 (of5)


Official Synopsis: The heroes’ search finally ends at the temple of the Black Flame cult, but they don’t arrive in time to stop what they find there. The final issue!

Why it’s a Pick: Mignola has continued his brilliant long form story telling here, and the pacing of this limited series has been totally on point. The story here has been brilliant too, and I’m looking forward to how the team can possibly stop this cult- and if the synopsis is to be believed and they cant how this will affect the world. Everything with Mignola has big consequences so seeing the team fail could be the most exciting moment of the series- and it’s rare I want that in comic books. Either way this will continue to showcase why the Mignola-verse is so good.

Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones #1 


Official Synopsis: When an undead hit man goes after the NYPD, the Lobster steps in to figure out if it’s a zombie — or something worse

Why it’s a Pick: Mignola’s second book this week is the first release in what should be an ongoing Lobster Johnson story- and if that not enough to get you on board then you’ve obviously missed Lobster Johnson. Each time he gets his own books/limited series they truly deliver on the action and the story telling that Mignola is famous for and this should be no different here. Also i’m super excited to see Mignola’s take on zombies and more so who is going to behind this pulling the strings- here comes a great new action and suspense book that you need to be getting.

Book of the Wee16bat14

Its Rare for DC to steal ‘Book of the Week’ but this issue of Batman has managed it, seeing the end to this story arc should be brilliant. Tom King has been brilliant with the character work and I don’t expect this to stop here in any way- and with the promise of big things this issue, this could simply be the starting point.


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