Rogue One has a link to Rebels in new trailer


At this point in time were not sure how closely the time frames are linked between ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ and ‘Rogue One’ but it appears they may be close together if the new TV spot is anything to go by- as there is a great Easter egg.


The image above is the Ghost, the main ship used by the Rebels in the animated series, and its fairly unique in its design and its look. Its also not a ship we have seen in either the Clone Wars of the era of a ‘New Hope’ but it does appear in the new ‘Rogue One’ Tv spot. Check out the image below for confirmation:


There can be no denying this is the same type of space vessels as the Ghost- but is it the Ghost? Well I’m hoping so as the opportunity to see the crew of the Ghost or even just hear Hera on the intercom talking to other pilots would be an amazing moment, but chances are it could simply be another VCX-100 light freighter. As we know there are no Jedi’s (apparently) in Rogue One it seems unlikely well see Kanan or Ezra appear, but could you imagine if one of these two met the already confirmed Darth Vader for a scene- that would be amazing.

Hers hoping its Hera, or even Sabine aboard that ship but as we don’t yet know the fate of the crew of the Ghost it could simply be a way to get us all talking. Either way check out the new TV spot below:

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