Tears of a Geek


As lovers of Comic Books, movies, animation and all things geeky- there tends to be a thought that were far removed from the societal norms of emotions others feel, but we know that’s not true. We feel the same way about the X-Men that others do about the Kardashians (I know which I prefer out of those mutants!) and at times the stories and characters we love make us cry- yes I’ve cried at comic books and here are the times that hurt me the most.

  • The Death of Peter Parker

Dan Slott crafted a wonderful story with Spider-Man for years after ‘Brand New Day’ that really drew you into the world of Peter Parker, although I’ll admit id followed Parker religiously for 15years by this point. So to see him save the entire world, and finally end his feud with Dr Octopus was a great moment that actually made me really happy- but unfortunately this was very short lived! As Dan Slott had other ideas, and revealed that Otto (Dc Ock) had actually switched consciousness with Parker, and we had to watch Parker die in the old cancer ridden body of Otto while trying to tell the world what had happened brought more than a single tear to my eye and still has me welling up now when i think about this moment. This was story telling brilliance at its best and most brutal.


  • Jake Chambers dies in ‘The Dark Tower’ series

Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ series of books is an epic and superbly written fantasy novel that brings together the old western stories with a modern twist. The books focus on Roland- the last Gunslinger, basically a hero in his world who use revolvers and serves the lands- and his quest to find the ‘Man in black’ and the Dark Tower that he believes is poisoning his world and bringing about its demise. On the way Roland finds doorways to our world that allow him to access certain areas within certain decades where he meets and recruits friends to help on his quest. The first individual he meets is a young boy named Jake, who is already in Rolands world and joins him for his journey before Roland sacrifices him on the journey to try and catch the ‘Man in Black’ by letting him fall to his death. Roland spends the rest of the first book regretting the decision to let a young boy die but deems it neccessary. However Jakes tale doesn’t end there, he awakens in his own time remembering these events and tries to find his way back to Roland, eventually succeeding and helping in Rolands task. Along the way Roland and Jake become almost father and son unspoken by both, and Roland promises Jake he would never let him “Fall again” in a very emotional discussion between the two. However in the final book Jake sacrifices himself to save another by jumping in front of a moving vehicle to push Roland away so his journey can continue- and as if this sacrifice wasn’t enough to tear me up, he then calls to Roland “Father I Love you” in his final words sending a tear to my eye as I write it now. Jakes journey is one full of deaths (3in total) but its this touching moment at the end that truly broke me!


  • Kitty Pryde and Colossus Reunite

This is one of the most heartwarming moments in X-men comic book history for me, and really deserved the tears I shed. Colossus has long been a favourite mutant of mine and reading his death in 2001 was a real shock. However Colossus went out like a real hero giving his own life to rid the world of the ‘Legacy’ virus that was killing mutants therefor saving an entire race through self sacrifice- this was brilliantly handled at the time too. However the real tear jerker came when in 2011 the couple were reunited by the writing talent of Josh Whedon and it was brilliantly drawn by John Cassaday- seeing the look on both of their faces and watching Colossus instantly rush to her to protect her from the onslaught was amazing. Seeing these two embrace each other again was brilliant, and seeing their love resurface was truly brilliant moment- maybe the tears were simply for the return of Colossus but I’m sure the emotion of the whole moment just got me!


  • Nightcrawler Dies saving ‘Hope.’

Another X-Men death and more tears, there seems to be a pattern here. Nightcrawler has always been my most favourite of the mutants Marvel created, I think its his self loathing mixed with his desire to do good at all times- or maybe its just the amazing teleportation skills he possesses but either way Kurt has long been my favourite so imagine my shock, disbelief and out right horror at his death during X-men: Second Coming. Nightcrawler died in a truly heroic way, he was trying to save baby ‘Hope’ the future saviour of all mutants and the first mutant to be born since ‘M-Day.’ Nightcrawler teleported her away from the clutches of Bastion but only after suffering a mortal wound (An arm through the chest) however Nightcrawler uses his final act to teleport Hope to Utopia, the home of the X-Men at the time, making her safe from home and delivering her to the place she needed to be- cementing his true place as a legend amongst mutants.



  • Batman be gone!

This took place in ‘Final Crisis’ and DC shocked the world by putting an end to Bruce Wayne and Batman, albeit a very fleeting absence but one of the most memorable and emotional deaths that I can recall in comic books. While ‘Final Crisis’ was occasional convoluted and over complicated, there was nothing but clear cut finality in Batmans death. While confronted with Darkseid, the final villain of the piece, and being taunted about his plans to destroy the world Batman held out a pistol loaded with a ‘god killing bullet’ and knows his time has come so in his final moments breaks his only rule and fires the gun as Darkseid unleashes his Omega beams and fires Batman to an utter char. Not only was the death of Batman sad, but watching him break his only rule in his final moments to save the world really hit home on the emotion front, but what really brought the tears is the image of Superman carrying the heroes corpse out. This is an image that I will never forget as a once strong and resilient hero looks like nothing more than a broken charred corpse.



These are the moments that have truly broken my Geeky Spirit, anyone out there have any others to share?

3 thoughts on “Tears of a Geek

  1. The Death of Peter and the era of the Superior Spider-Man was a brilliant storyline, the scene you describe here was really powerful and moving, and I still think the Superior Spider-Man’s time was cut short too soon. There are lots of storylines that have moved me, the Dark Phoenix saga was one, when Jean sacrificed herself to save everyone, even now that storyline is still one of my favourites of all time.

    • I agree on Superior Spider-Man- I’d of loved for that to continue and to still be going to be honest.
      totally agree on Dark Phoenix Saga too- I even came close to adding in the Death of Wolverine. But it just didnt seem as sad to me

      • Actually, Superior Spider-Man was the book that got me reading Spider-Man comics again because it was great. I’d kinda gone off the title for a while before that. Yeah, Dark Phoenix is brilliant, so many great x men stories to choose from. Death of Wolverine was a great story too.

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