Comic Book Picks 30th November ’16


Wednesday is nearly here again, and that means its the best time of the week but to go hand in hand with this its also difficult to work out where those hard earned pennies should go. Well here are my top picks for this weeks releases

Seven to Eternity #3


Official Synopsis: The last Mosak charge headlong into battle against the Mud King and his terrifying guardian, the Piper. Will Adam join the fight, even though the Mosak were the cause of his family’s downfall?

Why it’s a Pick: Remender has crafted a wonderfully intriguing tale and world so far with this series. And Opena has done the regularly brilliant job he does with the artwork, this title has the makings a really brilliant sci-fi book and if your not already on board now is the time.

Saga #40


Official Synopsis: “THE WAR FOR PHANG”: Part Four-It’s all fun and games until…

Why it’s a Pick: Saga is always one of the funnest books, best looking titles (Thanks to Fiona Staples brilliant paint work) and has one of the top stories each and every time it hits the shelves- and with the current storyline this shouldn’t change in the slightest. I’m loving the tiny meerkat race of people but also fear for the safety of our heroes as something has to go wrong here- but will it be this issue? And has Hazel truly been lost, I’m hoping not as that moment made me truly sad and I don’t want this to last.

Batman Annual #1


Official Synopsis: “SILENT NIGHT”! A hush of winter snowfall has fallen over Gotham City…but a quiet night in this place is never truly quiet. Batman and his allies—and his many foes—stalk the streets in this icy showcase of top talent.

Why it’s a Pick: This is the first annual since Snyder left the title, and he returns! There should be reason enough alone but when you add to that the multitude of villains and allies were promised this should be a real treat of smaller stories. This should be an all around exciting read this week and I’m hopeful that it delivers.

Book of the Week


Seven to Eternity steal is this week with some great story telling and world building from Remender. This should be one of the new series at the top of everyone’s list as it has everything you could want from a comic book.



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