Comic Book Picks 23rd November ’16


Wednesday is nearly here, and while its the release of the latest Pokemon game her in the UK its also new comic book day- meaning I have two reasons to be stoked for tomorrow. So with all the books out there, here are my top picks for this weeks books.

Hellboy And The B.P.R.D.: 1954—The Unreasoning Beast #1


Official Synopsis: An unusual ghost hunt leads Hellboy to a spectral monkey with a message for a grieving family.

Why it’s a Pick: I wrote several weeks ago about how Mignola has created the best universe in all of comics (seen Here) and this title takes place in there- albeit in the past. These short tales so far have been great, the first two have been superbly entertaining and told some great tales of monsters. This should be no different with Mignola at the helm once more- this is going to be easily worth the read.

Harrow County #18


Official Synopsis: Emmy has just learned about the mysterious group of powerful beings that call themselves her family. But they’ve been around since before Harrow County ever existed. Through the eyes of a haint, masterfully illustrated by guest artists Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee, this issue explains the Abandoned’s past and reveals his connection with the family, including the enigmatic Amaryllis.

Why its a Pick: This title has been on a total roll since it started, Cullen Bunn has kept this title hot with the continual growing of the world and the mythology he is applying to the magic. The Abandoned has always been seen as hug threat in this title until recent issues- now we get to see his origin and that’s exciting to me. As he has recently become a friend of sorts to Emmy I’d love to see how he began and became. This title should only help more mythology to the ever growing and brilliant world of Harrow County.

Civil War #7 (Of 8)


Official Synopsis: THE WAR ENDS…

Why it’s a Pick: Civil War has been good so far, it’s been well paced and has delivered some very good dynamics. The question of whether Miles Morales will kill Captain America is still in the air and if this is solved should provide a brilliant moment either way. This book may be coming to an end but the excitement I have towards this title certainly isn’t.

Book of the Week


Harrow County steals it this week with the promise of the Abandoned’s back story being too much for even Hellboy and Civil War to steal the top spot. Although Hellboy came very close Cullen Bunn has done such a good job with this title that the promise of more character development has me hooked.

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