WWE No Mercy 2016 Predictions


WWE Smackdown presents its second PPV of the brand split era tonight in the form of ‘No Mercy’ and with the man event featuring Aj Styles, John Cena and Dean Ambrose vying for the title it should be exciting. But heres a look at the full card, and who I think is walking with the win. Bear in mind BEcky Lynch has been ruled out due to injury (I was looking forward to her and Bliss too)

Baron Corbin Vs Jack Swagger

With this match being the pre-show offer I wasn’t expecting a lot, however both of these men are on a little bit of a hot streak and could really benefit from the win to move forward- giving this match some real purpose. Swagger has been on TV since his brand swap (a real bonus) and Corbin has been slowly building himself up as he runs over the Smackdown roster in an attempt to move toward the title. Its for this reason that I feel the brawling abilities and power of Corbin overcome the technical abilities of Swagger this time around.

Winner: Baron Corbin


Curt Hawkins Vs TBD

Well this is an odd one to call as not only have we not seen Curt Hawkins in a WWE ring in years but we have no idea who his opponent is going to be. If the plan is to treat Hawkins like the company did in his last run then expect this to be a big return for someone other than Hawkins and a genuine squash match. However I’m not convinced that’s the plan here, and think Hawkins may well get himself a good win here as he has the ability to be a solid mid card talent. I’m excited to see how this plays out wither way

Winner: Curt Hawkins over ???


Carmella Vs Nikki Bella


This should be an interesting match, as everything says Nikki is going to get the win here in only her second PPV of the year, simply as that’s how she has been booked in recent years. Yet the brand split and Smackdown in particular have been pushing the right people and not the regular people, so I genuinely think e get a good close match here that sees Carmella once again use a plethora of full heel tactics to somehow cheat her way to victory. This should be a real break out win for Carmella here, and she can move on up the roster a little and give Becky/Naomi a run for their money on the next PPV.

Winner: Carmella cheats and its Fabulous


Randy Orton Vs Bray Wyatt

This has been a much better feud than I expected thanks to some great character work from the two and some very well done back stage segments and interviews this has been both entertaining and creepy. The mind games between the two has been interesting and has seemingly made the generic Orton character more interesting and breathed a little new life into him for now, however that all comes to screeching halt when he meets the ‘Eater of Worlds’ head to head and has to face Sister Abigail. Bray has been on the cusp of a huge world title push for years and never got that big win he needed (Cena and Taker jump to mind) but with a win here he moves closer to getting his hands on the Smackdown title or atleast the champion.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


The Uso’s Vs Slater and Rhyno


Now while I’ll admit watching Slater and Rhyno win the titles was fun it was never going to be lasting forever and with everyone looking towards the Uso’s and America Alpha feud it has to be the time to switch the titles. Hell the Uso’s have even had their entire gimick updated and been given their first real heel turn just because turning Alpha would be too difficult so this is the clearest cut decision of the night for me- as there is only one winner here!

Winner: Uso’s and New Champions (Again)


Miz Vs Dolph Ziggler

I stand by what I said a few months ago, Miz is doing the best work of his WWE life in the last few months. And with that said this is an interesting match-up as Ziggler surely isnt about to be let out of his contract early, but then a title switch doesn’t seem like the right move either- leaving me utter perplexed. While my gut says Ziggler wins and this is all a rouse here, I’m not totally sold that’s fact. I’m going with the easy option here as seeing Ziggler walk out feels wrong so the title will switch hands when Maryse gets herself ejected from ring side and Miz has no help causing him to loose the gold and Ziggler to rejoice.

Winner: Ziggler and new irrelevant champion (Miz would be better!)

Dean Amborse Vs John Cena Vs AJ Styles


This is the match that I’m most excited for as all three of these guys have the potential to truly deliver in the match and we have the high flying hell, the hothead who’s unpredictable and the prototypical baby face which should give us a great dynamic for the storytelling.  Cena is chasing the Flair 16world titles and I see him getting there, but it wont be here and it wont be now- it would be counterproductive to take the title of Styles who’s the hottest commodity on the brand simply for Cena to make history at a practically irrelevant PPV in the grand scheme of WWE shows. And while Ambrose is seen as top level talent his last run truly didn’t deliver, and he is always best while chasing a title just lok at the work hes done this month compared to anything he did as a champion. And then there’s AJ who I honestly didn’t think we would ever see here in the WWE, and since getting here he has been on nothing short of a hot streak and earned this title run. He is the man right now on Smackdown from both a talent and character persepective and I see no reason to derail his momentum anytime soon.

Winner: The Face that Runs the Place AJ Styles.


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