Comic Book Picks 28September ’16


Wednesday is nearly here again, and that means it time for another run down of the top comic books you should be buying and checking out this week.  This week is quieter on the big releases than the last few weeks, but by no means does that leave us short of great books.

Witchfinder: City of the Dead #2


Official Synopsis: After narrowly surviving an attack by risen corpses in a London cemetery, Sir Edward Grey follows his only lead to a dead end, but the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra may be able to reveal what is behind the undead.

Why its a Pick:  Mignola continues to build his brilliant universe and tell tales of Edward Grey that are engrossing and down right brilliant. This book should be no different after a great first issue I’m very excited to see where this tale goes now.

Hillbilly #3


Official Synopsis: The Flesh Eating Witch Child of Hoodoo Ridge crosses paths with the tear stained traveler Rondel!

Why its a Pick: #hillbilly has been superb so far, each tale has been self contained but has helped to further the character development of the Hillbilly and that’s only a good thing so far. The artwork on this book has been brilliant, as has the narrative so far and if that’s not a reason to buy a book I don’t know what is.

Saga #38


Official Synopsis: “The War for Phang,” part two. When your babysitter’s a ghost, death is never very far away.

Why it’s a Pick: Lets be blunt here- this is Saga! There is no reason this book shouldn’t be making anyone pull list- the story is a work of science fiction brilliance, the world building has been superb, the narrative is brilliantly insane and the artwork is some of the best in the industry; enough said!

Book of the Week


This book has me the most excited this week, maybe its just the awesome title of the issue or maybe its the fact this book has been superb. Either way this is the top book on my reading pile this week.


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