Dark Tower Movie Update


With Stephen Kings Epic Dark Tower series set to hit the big screen in 2017- there is more and more news now leaking out about the story and the settings. And over the weekend we were treated to some new official photos and a rare bit of story information, so lets look at this.

Lets begin by looking at the comments made by Stephen King himself in an interview over the weekend about how the story differs from the epic tale in the books (not too much im hoping):

 “I feel more wrapped up in this one because the books took so long to write and the fan base is so dedicated. They sent me a number of different drafts and it came into focus, let’s put it that way. I’m 100 percent behind it — which doesn’t mean it necessarily will work, just that it’s a good way to try and to get into these stories…

I took a pen and cut Roland’s dialogue to the bone. The less he says the better off, and why not? Idris Elba can act with his face. He’s terrific at it. He projects that sense of combined menace and security. [Roland] is the Western hero, the strong, silent type: ‘Yep,’ ‘Nope,’ and ‘Draw.’”

The official casting list also gives us a clue as to some bigger changes- as there is no mention of either Eddie or Susannah in that at all. Now this would be a huge change if the story is too follow the books- however if they are simply adapting the first book; despite the official images not making this seem the case; then this could make sense.

The absence of these two has also been confirmed this weekend by director Arcel who simply stated the characters are “Definitely Out there.” So does this mean we may see them in later films? I’m damn sure hoping so!

But for now here are the new images to help tie you over until the films huge release



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