Weekly Recommendation: Ruddy Vikings


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a table top card game, and one that I find myself playing more and more of as its hugely entertaining, great fun and a real social game. This weeks recommendation is none other than Ruddy Vikings.

The concept of Ruddy Vikings is simply: you need to be the first player to eradicate all of the cards from your opponents hand; however its the method of doing this that makes the game exceptional fun. The game is aimed at 2-4players and takes around 15to30minutes per game, so can easily be played in a lunch-break (Yep that’s how I’m playing it) or multiple rounds can be played in a relatively short time.

The game consists of 4different types of cards, there’s the Vikings which allow you to attack other players hand; defense cards that hopefully prevent you from being attacked; buffer cards to break through defences and then there’s the Chance/God cards that alter the game and allow you to cause chaos with other players.


The game mechanics are simply each turn you draw a card and then play a card. If you have any defense cards you place these face down in front of you; as they only become active when your attacked. As your move you may choose to attack an opponent and if your successful- simply breaking any defenses counts as a success they loose a card from there hand.

However should you fail to  break the defenses your viking is lost to the discard pile along with the defenses. But be careful as a well timed chance card could get your viking to attack your own hand, or see one player collect all the vikings in a large sac and add them to their own hand- bringing chaos down on you. Add to this the fact that a viking style scream while attacking allows you to double the damage you can do- remove two cards and this game suddenly becomes fast paced and loud to go with the fun.

Defense cards are vital, of which there are 3 types; magic, land and air. If a viking is planning on attacking they need to have the same type of buffer card (A leg of lamb destroys land defenses!) to get through the defense or risk the viking dying, or in the turn of magic defenses joining the opposing players deck. This adds some extra strategy to the game, as risking loosing a rare viking can be vital to your success or failure- as without them you cant attack but loose them to magic defense and you could be doomed.

This game is easy to pick up, great fun to play and watching people scream viking taunts is hilarious- this is well worth trying out for the time it takes.

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