WWE Money in the Bank ’16 Predictions


Money in the Bank takes place this evening, and with this being the last PPV show befoee the draft could we get some major twists? Even without some odd twists the card on the show looks great, with some big time first encounters and a stacked Money in the Bank match; but whos coming out on top? Well here are my predictions.

Sheamus Vs. Apollo Crews
The build to this match has been slow, but the basic formula is great in that an established mid card star hates the so called ‘New Era’ push and is looking to end it. Apollo is great in ring and we all know Sheamus is solid and really excels at being violent- so this should be an exciting prospect. I sense this is the first of many encounters so im expecting the heel to cheat a little here and grab the win.
Winner: Sheamus

Dolph Zigggler Vs. Baron Corbin
This feels like its gone on too long now and done nothing for either man involved, I’ve enjoyed the booking of Corbin as a monster on the main roster but the sooner this feud dies the better it will be for both men. Their recent interactions have been corny and a waste of time so hopefully we get something more and the new fresh talent can move onto a better booked feud.
Winner: The Lone Wolf

Charlotte & Dana Brooke Vs. Becky Lynch & Natalya

This feels like the kind of match we should really see on a weekly show, however the booking of this instead of a Womens Championship match aside all the participants can really wrestle here so we should get a good in ring match. However the Womens Championship feels like its on the backburner right now so a shock apperance from Sasha here could really help give the title the pushnit deserves- however i have no idea if shes ready to return. Either way with the title safe, I predict a win for the face team here after Dana and Charlotte miscommunicate: ideally after a Sasha dostraction: but Im sure Becky gets the pinfall.
Winner: Becky and Natalya

Rusev Vs Titus O’Neill (US Title)
This doesnt seem like a big feud, however when you consider the current way Rusev is being booked as a real monster this match has some potential as we should see teo powerhiuses going at it. It feels too early for Rusev to loose here and with the belt needing momentum for the brand split it seems this could end up being a case of how badly does Titus get beaten down; and that intrigues me greatly.
Winner: Rusev

Fatal 4Way (Tag Team Titles)
This has some real talent in it, from New Day to the Club and the crazy hijinks of Enzo not too mentikn the great mustaches on English and Gotch. Im not sold on a decision here except it feels time for the New Day to drop the titles and help put iver another team here, as the lose will cost them nothing. While the crowd would love Enzo and Cass it feels a little too soon on the main roster, and surely if the VaudeVillains were getting them it would have been last month, so that only leaves the club. These guys have been poorly booked until recent weeks but a win isnt out the question for the team that should be this generations APA.
Winner: Everyone who watches. But for the gold maybe the Club.

Money in the Bank match

This match has 5 of the top talents in it, and then Alberto Del Rio who couldnt be less over right now if he tried, however despite that I expect this to be a brilliant match that almost steals the show. Im expecting some big spots involving Owens, Zayn, Ambrose and Cesaro aswell as some brital bumps. However the smart money here has to be on Ambrose getting that case to set himself up agaisnt one or both of his Shield brothers either later in the night or down the line. As much as Id love to see Owens in the main event this one has to go to Ambrose as its time for the former brothers to own the main event as a three once again.
Winner: Ambrose

AJ Styles Vs. John Cena
This is a feud I didnt think I’d ever see, and so far its been pretty good even if its mainly been on the microphone. However i expect the same level of brilliance within the ring as we all know AJ is a true ring technician and Cena can deliver a good performance (choice of words was very careful) so this should be entertaining. However heres the conundrum, does someone finally go over Cena to move the New Era forward or does the WWE sacrifice the New Era at Cenas god like feet? Well tonight AJ wins, wether its clean or we see Finn Balor arrive, AJ will beat Cena here- to inevitable suffer the same fate as everyone before for the next few months as he loses to Cena in 2return matches as we all know everything leads to Cena.
Winner: The Phenominal One, this time

Roman Reigns Vs. Seth Rollins (WWE World Champiinship)

The WWE wanted Reigns as the face and Rollins as the heel here, but the crowds and viewers (this one included) are refusing to buy into that and instead cant wait to see Rollins in the ring capturing that gold! However thats all a dream in this scenario as Reigns will go over tonight, whether he does so clean, or he pins a cashing in Ambrose, or HHH turns on Rollins in a shock return the result will be the same- Reigns leaves champ. Now Im not one who wants that but with Rollins still chasing Reigns and Ambrose with the briefcase the focus can be on the former Shield at the main event level and thats only good for business. Im expecting this to be a great match, and Im super excited to see Rollins return so this could be match of the night.
Winner: Reigns

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