Comic Book Picks 8th June’16


This week sees the second batch of DC’s Rebirth titles, amidst some good praise for the first batch so lets see if this can keep the momentum going. This week also sees the first batch of Civil War II tie-in release and some pretty high profile independent books, but either way I’m still reeling from the final issue of Hellboy In Hell. But with me wiping those tears to one side here are my picks for this weeks books.

Flash Rebirth #1


Official Synopsis: Spinning directly out of the epic events of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1, the fastest man alive finds himself at the center of a DC Universe at a crossroads.

Why its a Pick: Flash was the centre piece of the Rebirth, whether it was Wally West or Barry Allen- so it should be clear that DC has big things lined up for the Flashes and that should all start here. I’m interested in where it all goes for both Wally and Barry after the ending to their tale in the Rebirth special and hopefully this book should give us some direction for the entire universe moving forward.

Harrow County #13


Official Synopsis: Emmy believes she is one of a kind, that there is no one else in the world quite like her. As strangers arrive in Harrow County, though, she discovers just how wrong she is. Are these beings — each possessing strange and ghastly supernatural abilities — her family?

Why its a Pick: Harrow County has always delivered on the story, and has always managed to keep things creepy yet engaging and character driven at the same time. This issue seems to continue the trend as its clearly going to focus on Emmy’s relationship with Hecter and the rest of the haints in the world- which should give us some good character development and provide some super creepy moments too.

Injection #10


Official Synopsis: End of story arc. Vivek, Simeon, and Brigid are hunted by ghost-thieves, secret societies, and sandwich criminals. Maria tries to hold the world together, and Robin makes a decision that might end it.

Why its a Pick: Injection has been a true science fiction book, its delivered some seriously complex ideas in a creative and fun way that has kept everything exciting from issue to issue. And with the ‘Injection’ making itself known last issue this end of story issue should be very interesting- as how will our protagonists respond to their creation and the chaos its bringing with it.

Book of the Week


Injection steals it this week, the science fiction elements have been amazingly on point and the story is set to really explode here. This should be the first book I read this week, and I recommend it is for you too.


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