Flash Season Finale Easter egg (Black Flash!)


The Flash season finale was great television, the show down between Zoom and Barry was great and the slow motion (technically super-fast) fight scenes were brilliantly shot, but did you catch the big tease for future story lines towards the end? well here it is (SPOILERS)…..


This is one of the final images we have of Zoom from the season finale, shortly after he got captured by the Time Wraths and while the immediate zombification of his face is obvious; its the changes that take place to the suit that are more meaningful.

As you can see the lightning bolts on his head have gone red, along with the lighning bolt on his suit and are now both both backed by a white circle. This gives us what could very well be our first look at the ‘Black Flash’ from DC Comic book lure, who looks just like this;


This could be important as the Black Flash is a grim reaper of sorts for anyone imbued with the Speedforce- so does this mean we may see more Flash’s on the way, and if we do will they die?

Either way this is a very nice nod to the comic books, and hopefully this is out first clue to what season3 may hold for us.


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