Vulture For Spider-Man Homecoming?


Michael Keaton was in talks to appear in Spider-Man Homecoming before they apparently broke down over wages, however it appears this has been sorted and he will now be appearing and playing the Vulture.


This would be a solid casting as Keaton could certainly pull this off and make the character believable. Vulture wouldn’t be a bad choice either as he would allow some real nice aerial battles and chase to take place.

On a side note, it has been reported that the Tinkerer will also appear and will be responsible for building the Vultures suit from fallen Shi’ar technology after the battle of New York. This would be an interesting switch for the origin and the suit but could ultimately work in the MCU. Kingpin has also been rumoured for a cameo, and will also be played by D’Onfrio but he seems to have killed this rumour.

Either way the movie will still star Robert Downey Jnr and Michael Keaton alongside Tom Hollands Spider-Man is starting to sound epic.

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