Blade, Moon knight and Ghost Rider coming to Netflix


Looks like some of Marvel’s Supernatural heroes Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider could be coming to Netflix.

From Moviecreedlive:

Netflix is one of the largest television series releasing platforms in the world. The platform has already taken over Marvel character series like ‘Daredevil’ and other hit series like ‘Orange is the New Black.’

We revealed that Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ series may be going to the platform after we also revealed that ABC had canceled the show. Now, we reveal that Netflix will be adding three more comic book characters to their line-up in the form of series.

Our sources have revealed that Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight are lined-up to join Netflix. It is believed that the series is currently on the table and Netflix are growing ever closer to approving and picking who they want to helm the projects or bring them to life.

5 thoughts on “Blade, Moon knight and Ghost Rider coming to Netflix

      • I agree, Moon Knight has great potential as a tv show. So does Ghost Rider. I think Blade has been done so much now though, didn’t they do a tv show ages ago? However, if they did a Tomb of Dracula tv show & reintroduced Blade in that, especially if say it was set in the 70-80’s that’d be cool!

      • They did a very bad Starzz produced Tv show for Blade, and it was just awful. The only way I could see this being fresh would be if they went with the ‘All New, All Different’ female blade as the lead.
        Moon Knight however could have some very good visuals and stories- Id love all his interactions with Khonshu to be a grainy black and white look

      • That’s right, they did, only ever saw a few episodes, it wasn’t good. Moon Knight would be awesome, the characters personally and skill set make him a perfect choice, and if they gave it a noir style look and dream like visuals, it’d be awesome!

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