Weekly Recommendation: Uncharted 4


This weeks recommendation sees me going back to the video game genre, for one of the most recent AAA releases, and in my opinion the best looking game on any of the current gen consoles; Uncharted 4. This game is a great action/adventure title that does almost everything right- and makes me glad I own a PS4. Nathan Drake is back with his regular sidekick Sullivan for another great adventure- so lets look at why this is worth your hard earned time and money.


Uncharted has always been a serious that has looked brilliant and played just as well, with its brilliant mix between action and adventure; but Uncharted4 just ups the ante for this massively. The adventure; climbing, searching, scaling, traversing and now rope swinging is so well done that even the longer stints of these sections never seem repetitive. And when you add to this the refined action and cover system the game becomes the best of the series.


The story finds us following Nathans long presumed brother into a worldwide treasure hunt for the largest mythological pirate treasure ever thought to exist. And because this is Uncharted along the way there are twists turns and some amazing cinematic videos. Right at the start there is a really nice section that is a throw-back to Nathan and his brother as children that helps to explain how Nathan got the bug for treasure hunting and found his way into traversing all and any environments that he meets. Without giving away too much, the story is brilliant and moves at a really good pace making sure that it keeps you engaged all the way through what is roughly a 15hour tale. There is a little bit of a slowdown towards the end, but once that section is over the game picks up again and ends with the same exciting bang it began with. At this point it’s only fair to point out that the voice acting is superb and the visual team have done an amazing job with the faces and expressions of each character.


Visually the game is easily the best looking title to appear on the current generation of systems, everything is absolutely gorgeous to look at.  The scenary looks alive and the grand views (as seen above) are plentiful and so well rendered that you cant help but stop to look at them. And its not just these scenes either, the detail in the action scenes as you watch parts of boxes break off and fly apart or watching some of the loose boulders fall away as you slide down a gravel cliff is just as impressive. Naughty Dog have really pushed the capabilities of the console here- and at times the fan gets loud enough for you too notice but the overall package is definitely a thing of beauty.

The action in the games isn’t a let down either- the sequences are well thought out giving you plenty of cover to work from as the number of enemies grows; all of which have a very good level of AI as if you leave them unattended they will flank you and take you out- having to really think about how to deal with each situation is a nice treat. Some of the vehicular sequences are also brilliant, the opening one involving a boat is a great introduction to how these are going to work later on in the game and really immerses you right in the action and makes you feel like your fully in control of the vehicle and its overall outcome. Add to this the nice mixture of having to shoot at enemies at this point is also a nice touch. Even the hand to hand combat and the stealth options feel like a feasible ability as they work well, and even the AI can manage to maintain stealth and keep hidden this time- attack in tandem with you to help you take out double threats; this is a real treat as its rare in modern games to have this level of AI controlled timing given the free reign that combat has.


As well as a superb single player campaign Uncharted has a really fun multiplayer mode; I’m not going to be dropping Star Wars: Battlefront for this any time soon- but the level of enjoyment here is great. The game is a basic 6on6 PvP but with the added twist that you have AI controlled partners and mystically statues that can be used to give you an advantage within the battle. Watching your AI controlled friend who has been called upon hold an enemy by his throat for you to kill is always fun as is watching the giant golden totem you summoned firing a red energy blast as a group of enemy soldiers. The multiplayer is well worth a go, and adds a nice touch to an already briliant package of a game.


This game is a true must buy for any PS4 owner, as it has everything you expect and want from a top tier game- this may be the best game of the year so far in my opinion and you owe it to yourself to be playing it now.


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