Comic Book Picks 18th May’16


Wednesday is nearly upon us again, and that means we get a whole bunch of new comic books hitting the shelves this week. And lets take a look at what I feel are the big books of the week (Civil War II has all my interest!)

Civil War II


Official Synopsis: From the creative team that brought you House of M and Siege comes a blistering first chapter in Marvel’s new explosive event. Watch as the players are introduced and the table is set for a storyline that fans will be talking about for years.

Why its a Pick: Civil War was a very well written story, and with the current state of the relaunched Marvel universe and more prominent characters than before this could be a really epic story if they all go toe-toe. The FCBD issue also really helped as the stakes seem really high from the beginnig and the action looked great- this is the first real ‘All New, All Different’ event so its definitely worth getting your hands on.

Spider-Man #4


Official Synopsis: Miles is just finding his feet in the all new marvel universe; the media is growing obsessed with his skin color and now he has to share his own book with a hot new mutant who goes by the name of… wait for it…
All this and the Queenpin of New York, the Black Cat, has set her sights on this new Spider-Man. She has put out a hit on his head and now no one is safe!

Why its a Pick: This book has been red hot as seeing a teenage Spider-Man going through the drama of juggling a super-hero career and modern issues has been great. The supporting cast has also been brilliant- from the Parker cameo to the villainous of BlackHeart this has all worked so far. And I’ve really enjoyed the Black Cat as the new ‘KingPin’ (I refuse to change the gender of this as its meaningless) so I’m really looking forward to seeing her mix it up with Miles. If this book can keep up the quality of the story telling and the action, it could easily be one of the top titles each month.

Delete #2

images (1)

Official Synopsis: From the Harley Quinn team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey! The second chapter of the mind-bending thriller Delete pits a simpleton handyman and an orphaned girl against an army of mercenaries and killers for hire, but the secrets and lies begin to stack up in unexpected ways revealing that the prey might actually be the predators. hat exactly is hidden in Kalina’s mind and is Spencer the person he believes he is? Nothing is as it seems in this action-packed science fiction adventure series guaranteed to thrill and amaze

Why its a Pick: The first issue of this book was so good! The story was engaging and brilliantly written that set out the story to come; this was more than enough to entice. The artwork was also very well presented and really suited the story, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this story goes and how it plays out over time. Palmiotti did a great job and I’m sure its going to continue.


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