Best developments from Free Comic Book Day 2016


This weekend saw 2016s Free Comic Book Day (My Daughter loved this year), and amidst the titles there was some very good storytelling, and there was some shocks set out in advance of future stories. So without any further messing around here are the biggest developments from the weekend:

Heroes Fall


cw2a-600x404Marvel’s Civil War II prologue started out brilliantly, giving us a quick meeting between the Ultimates team and the InHumans as they look to establish how Ullyses can predict the future and if they should use these visions to prevent incidents. However things quickly turn ugly when Thanos arrives claiming he wants his Cosmic Cube back (Ultimates are holding this for safe keeping) and a very well presented battle takes place where Thanos puts up his regular ass bating on the heroes and lands what appears to be a killing blow to War Machine, who’s stray missile appears to take out She Hulk in a massive explosion.

This is a massive start for the title, as killing off two hereos would be a real good way to kick off the Civil War over whether or not pre-emptive work should be done. However whether this will turn out to be a real fight or Ullyses account of what to come is yet to be decided but either way this was a hell of a prologue issue!


Gwen Stacy isn’t Dead (No More!!!!)


We all know Marvel is planning its next big Spider-Man event and its entitled ‘Dead No More’ but to be honest I thought it would be the return of a single character and this issue alone gave us several- along with a new Villain heading all of these strange resurrections up. But the biggest shock here was on the final page where it was given to us that Gwen Stacy is back from the dead and seems to have revenge on Spider-Man on her mind. This would be huge if it turns out to truly be Gwen and she does want to ruin Parker, as we havent seen GWena t all since her initial demise.  It appears as though they have real plans to change Parkers life as they offer him “One hell of a deal,” begging the question will all of these returns turn out to be clones; the bad guy looks like the Jackal and that’s his thing really. Or with that final line sounding eerily familiar to a deal Parker got 9years ago will there turn out to be more behind this?

Either way this was a great teaser issue for the future story and has me eagerly awaiting the other returns and the reveal of just what the heck is going on her.


Serentity Crew Reunite


FireFly left our screens after just one brief season, and left us horrified when Serenity finished and killed Wash, and since then we have nothing really to get us over this moment until now.  This story sees River babysitting baby Emma and entertaining her with a bedtime story called “The Warrior and the Wind.” It’s basically a charming, fairy tale-esque interpretation of the events of Firefly and Serenity and the doomed love between Wash and Zoe. This story is a must-read for Firefly lovers, as it allows them to briefly reconnect with the crew and pays tribute to a fallen hero.

This was a very well done heart felt issue that is perfect for the short story format that Dark Horse use for their FCBD titles each year- and I couldn’t be happier.


New Wasp Revealed.


This one genuinely surprised me as I was fully expecting the New Wasp to be Hope Pym and tie in to the Ant-Man movie- however Marvel gave us a totally new character stealing the technology from a fallen Hank Pym and then seemingly using this to take down the Vision.

The Wasp appears to be a Russian woman named Nadia. As a brilliant scientist and an obsessive fangirl of Hank Pym’s, Nadia arrives at the Pym house to introduce herself to her hero. Unfortunately, her arrival happens to coincide with the events of last year’s graphic novel Avengers: rage of Ultron, which ended with Pym dying and his consciousness taking over Ultron’s body. Having already cracked the secret of Pym Particle technology, Nadia sneaks into Pym’s house and “borrows” a prototype suit. She’s convinced that her would-be mentor would want her to carry on his legacy.

From here we see here sneaking through the inside of Vision and planting explosive that at the end of the issue have him exploding and screaming out in pain (if he can feel pain). This was a great introduction and real pleasant surprise as I like the idea that the new Wasp may be a villain or not yet worthy of the mantle.


Captain America declares war?!


This book was good fer several reasons- we got our first glimpse at Cap’s new suit and shield; both of which were very impressive but also we got to see a new attitude to Captain America once he arrived in congress.

This story sees Cap now working for a unit of S.H.I.E.L.D headed up by Sharon Carter that has been tasked with stopping the newly Red Skull fronted Hydra; which is more of a grass roots and boots on the ground terrorist cell than ever before. However during the action of this issue, in an attempt to prevent a bomb threat it becomes clear that this will be no easy task. Cap is able to prevent the bomb from detonating only to find out it was a double bluff and there was a second bomb that goes off killing innocent people. Its at this point we see the Captain declare War on Hydra. This is an interesting new take, and hopefully this book will rejuvenate the old school Cap and not have him stealing the thunder back from Sam Wilson who has been brilliant as Captain America so far.


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