Top Star Wars Characters


Happy Star Wars day everyone! And to celebrate May the 4th- I’m looking at my top 5 favourite Star Wars characters and sharing them with you all, and boy did this take some pondering and editing; as it appears this list could have easily gone about 10 characters longer. However lets get this going

Darth Maul


Maul was easily the best thing about ‘The Phantom Menace’ as from the moment he arrived in the pre-release images he looked menacing, mean and down right evil. Add to this the fact that he wielded the first dual bladed lightsaber to be seen on the big screen and mixed an insane amount of jujitsu moves into his fighting style he instantly became a fan favourite and one of the better looking Star Wars villains. Unfortunately Lucas felt the need to have him bisected at the end of the movie and we all felt that it was a waste of a brilliantly designed villian- however what came next for this character is the reason he makes the list.

Maul while presumed dead was replaced by Palpatine with Dooku, however Maul has somehow survived and retreated to the Outer Rim where he dwelt on Lotho Minor healing his shattered mind and replacing his missing limbs with crude cybernetic spider like legs.


Maul looked more menacing than ever at this point when he was discovered by his brother, Savage Opress and taken to Mother Talzin who gave him his new mechanical legs. From this point onwards Maul became more viscious, ruthless and obsessed with seeking revenge on the Sith for abandoning him and leaving him to die. But his first order of business was to seek out Kenobi and revenge the bisecting- this led to some brilliant duals between the two and some great fight sequences involving Opress and Skywalker aswell. From this point forward Maul also challenged and led the Mandolrian group Death Watch, duelled with Sidious (this was an amazing piece of television) and more recently has returned in Star Wars rebels to try and take Ezra as his apprentice and blinded Kana in the process. If you want a bad guy that’s equal parts skilled and crazed then Maul is the only one for you- he’s been consistently one of the best villains in the Star Wars universe and a personal favourite of mine.


Boba Fett


This bounty hunter surely would make most peoples lists?! Since he first appeared in the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ he has been a favourite of many fans- mainly because he looked unique and exactly like you imagine a futuristic bounty hunter to look like (Even if it take place a long time ago…….) We all know Boba was hired by Vader to find Solo, and its maybe the fact that he was able to do so that has made him infamous in pop culture- as the exchange between the two and the look of shock on Solo’s face when hes still blinded from the carbonite thaw, but heres Boba is there is brilliant.

When you look at his trade mark armour, the jet pack and the E33 blaster rifle together Boba has everything you need in an amazingly well designed character. Im going to ignore the origins of him being a clone here, as what was done with him in the prequels wasnt brilliant- however watching him try and kill Windu in the Clone Wars was entertaining as was seeing him improve his skills working alongside Aurra Sing and Bossk. Its unfortunate he met his end in the Sarlac Pit; at least in the current canon as more screen time for Boba would have been brilliant and only furthered the fandom for this character.


Asajj Ventress


Ventress may well have 0ne of the longest and saddest back stories of any Star Wars character, not to mention a Sith; however she has been so much more than a force for evil ( slave, a Jedi Padawan, a Sith apprentice, a Nightsister, and a bounty hunter) and that the reason she makes the list as no matter when you see her she is entertaining, motivated and always delivers on the hard hitting lightsaber duals all while looking like she could kill any one at any time. Most of what we have seen from Ventress is as an assassin working for Dooku and hunting down

Dark_Disciple_Cover_Detail.jpgIt’s hard to pick a moment where I realised I truly cared about the fate of Ventress, and she became one of my favourite characters as she has so many great moments from her numerous and lengthy duals with Obi-Wan to her teaming up with Ashoka, and then theres the relationship between her and Quinlan Vos that led to her helping the once jedi turned sith flee with Dooku purely out of her love for him. She truly is the most tragic character in this universe but at the same time one of the strongest and most deadly.


Obi-Wan Kenobi


Maybe its the fact that Obi-Wan is the first Jedi we encounter or the fact that the prequels are really as much his tale as Anakins but for whatever reason I refuse to believe there is or ever was a better Jedi in the galaxy; and that’s why Kenobi makes the list. When we first encounter him in ‘A New Hope’ he’s an old man hiding in the desert to protect Luke Skywalker and later trains him in the basic arts of the force before making the ultimate sacrifice and letting himself be struck down by Vader so he can continue to tutor Skywalker through the force. But in the prequels we get much more of Kenobi from seeing him as a padawan himself to wacthing him create (at least physically) Darth Vader, and feel his pain as he has to destroy Anakin; who he does see as his brother.

Kenobi is shown throughout everything as a wise and patient master, who knows how to get the most from his apprentices and does so calmly and with a manner befitting the Jedi. Even in combat he tires all avenues to avoid the physical confrontation if possible- as we see him negotiate many treaties, before he has to ever turn to combat. However when he does turn to combat he is more than capable with the lightsaber and demonstrates some of the most accomplished skills seen- he’s more than capable of handling Dooku, Ventress, Maul and even Vader. If these names aren’t a testament to the skill level he holds with the weapon then nothing should be. Kenobi may well be the greatest of all the characters as we get to see his entire journey from Student to master to teacher; and even then he remains in the force to help future generations of Jedi- speaking to REy in the ‘Force Awakens.’ No=one is more deserving of this list than Kenobi.




No droid could possibly symbolise Star Wars more than this little guy! R2D2 has been around since the beginning, has been in all the prequels and is in the current trilogy too- not too mention most of the expanded universe stories, comic books and video games; if there’s a mascot to this franchise it is most definitely this little guy.

While many of the droids in this franchise are replaceable, such as the mouse bot and Gonk droids- there are some with there own unique character and style but none more so than R2, who really does feel like a real main part of the saga. The entire trilogy almost feels like a tale of him and C3PO alongside Skywalkers story and that only helps him become more loved. Even in the animated Clone Wars R2D2 is brilliant, especially in a 3part story where he leads a team of droids on an information return mission after they get stranded on a planet and need rescue. This little droid is the heart and soul of the Rebellion- and without him the galaxy would have fallen to the Empire for sure.






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