WWE: Shinsuke Nakamura Dream Matches


WWE managed a huge coup when they loured Nakamura away from New Japan- as he is simply one of the best wrestlers in the world both in terms of his in-ring ability and his charisma both inside and outside of the squared circle. And while I’ve followed him in NJPW and ROH for years its opened up new possibilities seeing him on the biggest stage worldwide, and some of these should be amazing. So lets look at the dream matches WWE should be making for him.



Cesaro is easily one of the best workers that the WWE has on their roster as he is both dynamic and hard hitting in the ring. He’s also one of the strongest and most competent wrestlers they have, whether they use him correctly or not- and lets be honest the ‘Swiss Superman’ versus the ‘King of Strong Style’ would be an amazing match to see. I can see these two now stood toe to toe in the middle of the ring exchanging uppercuts that look brutal with neither man backing down. The energy these two could bring to the match would be insane as neither of them goes anything less than full speed and watching Cesaro trade uppercuts with Nakamura’s kicks would be brilliant- these two would tear the roof off the building and with a title on the line this would be even more immense.


Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins may be the most natural wrestler in the entire WWE and the opportunity to see him go one on one with Nakamura is totally enthralling. This would be a clash of two of the best wrestlers in the world and could be set-up as such with Rollins returning to proclaim ‘He beat everyone who’s anyone last time he was around, so he deserves an automatic title shot as not only that but he never lost the title,’ before Nakamura arrives on screen/stage to claim he’s never beaten him and ‘Strong Style has arrived’. This would be an amazing introduction to the main roster for Nakamura, as not only would he be in a top tier feud but the man himself wouldn’t even need to wrestle until he steps in there with Rollins on PPV. The match itself would be a dead sure match of the year candidate, watching these two chain wrestler for the first 10 minutes alone would be brilliant and when you add in the charisma these two display while wrestling it would be an entertaining match for that alone. Watching Rollins use his high flying style only to be countered by Nakamura’s kicks from all over the ring would be interesting, and whoever came out on top here the fans would clearly be the winners.


AJ Styles.


We’ve seen these two clash before and most recently in January of this year- and that match was utterly amazing, which is why this makes the list. WWE would be stupid not to put these two together at some point on a big stage and let them work 30minutes back and forth in front of a rabid crowd. These two could even feud about the fact that it was Styles last match in NJPW that he had against Nakamura and lost, costing him the leadership of his ‘Club’ (WWE will never use Bullet Club) and Styles wants to avenge that loss for his own pride by beating him one more time. Either way watching these two wrestle is a sure fire hit for the WWE.


Brock Lesnar


This man is automatic viewers and money- so a clash between him and Nakamura would only elevate this. These two have met before back in 2006 in NJPW- where Lesnar was the victor, and right there is your reason for this feud. Nakamura can come out and challenge the ‘Beast’ to a match as he feels that loss needs avenging, as he has become more than he was in 2006 and the ‘King of Strong Style’ came here to the WWE for this match as he needs to beat Lesnar before he can put those demons of never being the best to bed. This would be a clash of styles as we have the powerhouse of Brock taking on the kicks of Nakamura but never the less watching Nakamura get suplexed all over the arena to only pop back up and do his famous ‘come get some’ hand motions would be brilliant before he kicks Brock all over the place.



Kevin Owens


Hers two more men who met briefly on the independent circuit in ROH, but at this point in their careers would deliver a much better match on a bigger stage- and lets be honest who doesn’t want to see a straight up fight between these two men. Owens could spend time running down Nakamura (he’s great at this) without him even being on the roster for simply being a NXT fan favourite when they should be watching KO- and this could lead to the confrontation between the two. Hell even have Owen’s beat down every former NXT star in an attempt to prove he’s their greatest ever export to the main roster before Nakamura appears to challenge the claim he’s making. Either way these two could deliver the most physical and brutal of all the match-up here, and  I would love to see Owens mocking the moves of Nakamura before eating a series of kicks for his efforts.

The WWE has a plethora of dream matches here- lets just hope they give them the proper billing and don’t throw them away on random 50/50 booked television feuds. Nakamura is a hot signing for the company who have been making massive signings recently- and should only improve the product and I’m looking forward to his NXT path and his main roster debut.



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