Comic Book Picks 27th April’16


This week is a good week, we got Game of Thrones returning with the Women in Red reveal; its a Bank Holiday here in the UK and I get to see  Captain America: Civil War on Friday. However its also a great week for comic books with some great titles all releasing this week, making this weeks must reads more difficult but here are my choices…

Batman #51


Official Synopsis: Batman has battled everything from the Court of Owls to Mr. Bloom to the Joker, but how does he handle a quiet night in Gotham City…?

Why its a Pick: This is the final issue on Batman for both Snyder and Capullo as a team, and with the amazing run they have had with this book its only fitting that the final issue is on the must read pile- as every issue and story of this run has been must read! It’s sad to say goodbye to this creative team, but hopefully they pave the way for the team taking over with this issue.

Injection #9


Official Synopsis: Simeon and Brigid are trying not to get killed in New York with Vivek, Maria is pulling her hair out, and Robin is changing his mind. The last time he did that, the Injection was born.

Why its a Pick: Injection has been some insane science fiction work form Warren Ellis, but its also been a very good build and has had some great characterisation work and some exciting action moments. The book seems a slow build of science fiction towards the inevitable ‘Injections’ malicious outcome- but the story has been so engrossing along the path that its well worth reading.

Sex Criminals #15


Official Synopsis: To be announced.

Why its a Pick: This is such a great series, its got action, adult themes (really adult) and content along with some action, comedy and great moments. The synopsis doesn’t give a lot away (Yes that really is the synopsis) but after the most recent issues it should be the formation of the ‘Quiet area’ team who can final bring all of their collected powers together to try and complete the overall goal. This book isn’t on a regular release schedule, which only helps build my anticipation for each release as it really is such a great book to read.

Book of the Week


This book is very bitter sweet this week, as I’m excited by the book but also disappointed its the ending of a great run. Either way this will be the first book I’m reading tomorrow.

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