Weekly Recommendation: Descender (Image)


Descender is one of last years best new comic-book series, and if your not already reading this book then I can’t recommend it enough. The book is written by Jeff Lamire and the artwork is provided by Dustin Nguyen and is some great science fiction looking a the survival of one young robot in a world of outlawed androids.

recommendationDescender has a classic Science Fiction feel to the story as it looks at the premise of artificial intelligence and how the world would really feel if this was to occur and the consequences of such an advancement. However Lamire has managed to create an emotional story and a brilliant new world that grab you from the moment you first start, and by the end of the first issue your totally hooked on the story of TIM-21 and cant wait to see where he goes and what happens next.

The synopsis for the book is as follows: The distant future. The United Galactic Council is attacked out of nowhere by mysterious Galactus-sized robots called Harvesters killing millions of citizens and leading to a massive robot cull. Fast forward ten years. A child companion robot called Tim-21 awakens on a moon mining colony, surrounded by dead bodies, the only survivor. Various factions are alerted who want Tim-21 whose tiny body potentially contains the secrets behind the Harvesters.


The story grabs you with the survival of TIM, but what really works here is the visual look that Nguyen has given the book. It looks very Star Wars with the backdrops and the mix of machinery thrown into the world- however it at no point feels like a direct rip-off its just obvious the influence is there.  Each page, and especially the double page spreads are little visual treats and you can see the level of work that has gone into capturing the details and this only helps with the story development and world creation.

While the lack of action in this book wont be for everyone, the story has more than enough heart and emotion to keep you enthralled- and if you’ve never read anything from Lamire and like your Sci-Fi this should be for you.

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