Marvels Best ‘All New, All Different’ Titles

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Marvel launched ‘All New, All Different’ a little while ago now, and in the first two waves of titles there have been some brand new books focusing on previously less prevalent characters- and many of these have been great. So here’s a look at some of the best of these new titles and why you should be reading them.

I was amongst many who thought ‘All New, All Different’ was a simply way to restart the Marvel Universe from scratch and totally eradicate any of the back story that many more complicated characters had- however what Marvel have given us is a broader spectrum of characters, titles and stories to choose from featuring new directions for many fan favourites and new outings for some lesser known characters. So with that in mind lets look at the top titles so far.



Miles Morales has been a brilliant character in the ‘Ultimate Universe’ for a long time and has been the leading Spider-Man there for a while, so seeing him team up with Parker last year in a limited series was brilliant, as watching him take on the role of mentee to the older and more experienced Parker was fun. However post ‘Secret Wars’ he has truly come into his own in the 616 where he finds himself part of the Avengers as well as getting his own solo book. Luckily Bendis has stayed on as the writer of this book, meaning the character is taking centre stage and reads just like he did in the ‘Ultimate Universe’ and the story takes off right he left off with him trying to fit into the new world and find his place as the ‘Spider-Man’ now Parker is off being himself globally and running a multi-national company. This book has plenty to keep everyone engaged from great characters to teenage drama- Ohh yeah and BlackHeart is in the first two issues making his first real villain encounter really fun.

Doctor Strange


With his silver screen debut looming large at the end of this year, there probably wasn’t a better time to relaunch a  solo book for Strange. Strange has had some brilliant outings before, but this one skips all the introductions and the back-story/origin and drops you right into the middle of his ‘Greatest Magical wielder’ stage and we get some brilliant wild and crazy looks at the magical side of the Marvel Universe. The current story is looking a the often forgotten price that comes with each magical action- something we always here referenced- and now we get to see the toll it takes on the individual and the wider reaching consequences of each world/life saving act Doctor Strange Performs. Jason Aaron has done a great job of making this book fun, especially the glimpses into other realms and at times making the book a little dark and harrowing. This is exactly how I think Doctor Strange should be- and if your not yet reading this title you should be right now!

Totally Awesome Hulk

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Bruce Banner has been absent from anything since the ‘Secret Wars’ and is his place we have been given the ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ in the form of Amadeus Cho- long time friend and colleague of Banner. So far this book has given us a much more self confident and assured Hulk, who has a sense of humour and is perfectly conscious of right and wrong along with what he is doing. This has been a refreshing change, and seeing Cho look like he could loose control of this monster inside has been a really good side story so far. While I do miss Banner, this book has been enough fun and differentiates itself enough for me to not see it as a rip off that its always worth reading. If you want a fun book, that gives you a different take on a long time character maybe this should be the one for you.

All New All Different Avengers


This new mainstream Avengers title has a very different feel and a very team to anything I thought we’d see. This team consists of a much younger and fresher looking Avengers crew featuring new members Mighty Thor (Jane Foster), Miles Morales (Spider-Man) and Ms Marvel and has focused mainly on the team trying to figure out what they are doing together as the Avengers and how they can function in the changing world. Seeing Tony and Captain America (Sam Wilson) try and bring this team together for the common good has been entertaining and very well written- as have their conflicts both within the team and their dynamics and the confrontations with world ending powered villains. This book feels like a very good fresh start for the Avengers, and the team dynamic is brilliant- this book deserves to be the main ‘Flagship’ title for the company right now, and you should be reading this.


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