Sony/Marvel Announce Spider-Man: Homecoming


The first solo outing for Spider-Man as part of the larger MCU was announced today as being entitled Spider-Man Homecoming, just as recent rumours had suggested. But alongside this we also got some more tiny bits of information.

Confirmed alongside the title was the release date of July 7th 2017 and the director was announced as Jon Watts.

We weren’t given any real storyline, but it was confirmed that there would be an appearance from an already established MCU character in the movie- so let speculation begin to run wild on who this may well be. My best guess is that one of the surviving leaders from Civil War will be putting in an appearance, but who knows right now.

All I know is that I’m already excited to see Tom Holland take on Spider-Man at the end of this month in Captain America: Civil War so adding this date only makes me want Spidey to be her now dammit!!!

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