Comic Book Picks 30th March’16

This Wednesday is the season finale of Star Wars Rebels which makes the day eagerly awaited but add to that this weeks comic books hitting retail and Wednesday is looking great. Here are my picks for the week.

Black Science #21

Official Synopsis:GODWORLD” Conclusion
Grant comes to rescue his daughter but she’s not daddy’s little girl anymore. All hail the Godqueen!

Why its a Pick:Godworld has been an amazing tale of what Grant has been upto since all the Dimensionauts got seperated and while telling its own tale has managed to link everything back nicely to the main story. This one should end with an epic bang and im excited to see where Remender takes us from here.

Darth Vader #18
Official Synopsis: With resources vital to the Empire on the line, Vader makes his move…
• But Cylo and his forces are looking to show him up before he can!
• Full-scale warfare on the surface of Sho-Turun!
Why its a Pick:Darth Vader may be the best of the Star Wars titles as it does nothing but justice to the legend of Vader being a brutal sith as he racks up body count after body count to serve the emperor and win back favor after the first Death Star disaster. The current tale has been very good for showing how he handles revolts and conflict- and as expected it doesnt end well for anyone on the other side.

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