Comic Book Picks 23rd March’16


Wednesday is nearly here again, and after a week of sickness I’ve still got a bunch of last weeks books to read- however with that being said there is still some great reads hitting the shelves this week. So here are my top picks for the week.

Batman #50


Official Synopsis: Batman has returned to Gotham City! In this extra-sized conclusion to Snyder and Capullo’s epic story “Superheavy,” Bruce Wayne returns to the cape and cowl to battle Mr. Bloom alongside Jim Gordon for the fate of the city they both love.

Why its a Pick: Snyder has been my favourite Batman writer for a very long time, and in all honesty possibly ever with what he has done on this title! And this is the end of his run with the Dark Knight, albeit a stand alone issue with number 51- and there is no way you want to miss this. We get Wayne back in the Bat Suit, teaming with current Batman Gordon and the finale to Mr Blooms story who has been a brilliant and terrifying new villain to add to the Batman Mythology. This should be a great double sized almost send off for one of the best Bat writers in the modern era.

Delete #1


Official Synopsis: In the near future, where science can implant or remove human memories and the government uses brain scan technology in criminal investigations, a mute girl witnesses a multiple murder and must turn to a handyman for protection from the police and an army of killers. From the Harley Quinn team of writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey and artist John Timms, with covers by Amanda Conner.

Why its a Pick: The creative team on this book have been doing brilliant things over at DC and the story for this title sounds like some great Science-Fiction that im confident the team can pull off. Of all the new title this week, this has me the most intrigued and with a slew of good sci-fi books already out there this should only help bolster that aspect of the growing independent section.

Star Wars #17


Official Synopsis: Han takes Luke out to fly the Falcon with him!
• Meanwhile…Leia and a few of her “friends” have troubles of their own…
• The rebel prison base is under siege!

Why its a Pick: This title has been on a magnificent role, and has delivered some great tales in an era that I thought we knew everything they could give us between Episodes IV and V; but I guess that thought was wrong. The prison seige last issue looked great and exciting so I’m really looking forward to this continuing as it adds a new level to the universe and a whole host of excitement to the current Aphra and Vader relationship.

Book of the Week:


Snyder and Capullo’s penultimate book steals it this week, not simply for that reason but it does contribute; but when you add in Waynes return to the Cowl and the end of Bloom this should be one hell of a ride and one hell of a read.

One thought on “Comic Book Picks 23rd March’16

  1. Certainly looking forward to Batman #50 going to be an epic finale, just a bit sad that Snyder and Capullo’s run is almost over, but also excited for what their next project will be 🙂

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