Comic Book Picks 9th March’16


This weeks comic book day is nearly here, and that means it time to look at my most anticipated comics of the week. So here we go

Doctor Strange #6


The Emperikul have arrived, leaving universes purged of magic in their wake. Their next target? The Marvel Universe. And with Doctor Strange weakened beyond measure? We don’t have a chance!

Why its a Pick: This book has been brilliant since the first issue, I’m throroughly loving the take we have on Stephen here- and how every act of magic has repurcusions on the soul. Seeing an army of monks taking the physical strain and toll for him last issue was also amazing. This issue should give us the real danger at play here too, and thats an exciting prospect.

Harrow County #10


Official Synopsis: A malevolent serpent sows madness and malice into the town’s residents, and there’s only one way to stop it. But the shadowy Lovely Belfont’s motivations are far from pure, and an alliance could spell doom for Bernice and the entirety of the town.

Why its a Pick: The best new title of 2015 (In my opinion) has started 2016 with a real bang, the last issue was superbly written as it gave us a tale of the ‘boy with no skin’ and managed to play beautifully with my emotions, while delivering a tale that moved the character forward. This issue promises a return to the Haunts that made this book so good from the start, and with anew threat in town for the fledgling Emmy and her friends this should be well worth a read.


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