Comic Book Picks 2March ’16


Welcome back all, and lets look straight forward to tomorrow where we get another batch of comic books to sink out teeth into. So heres what I think you should be buying and reading.

Darth Vader #17


Official Synopsis: Would you follow Darth Vader into war?
Better that than to be against him. A lesson the Ore Barons are about to learn…

Why its a Pick: This book has been on absolute fire since it debuted, and hasnt missed a single beat at all. Vader has been the total badass that you would expect him to be in this series, and the stories have been brilliantly interwoven and told. This book has depicted Vader as the true sith lord you expect and anytime the book mentions confrontation you know its going to deliver some great action.

Saga #34


Official Synopsis: New friends are silver…

Why its a Pick: This synopsis gives us nothing, but as with all of Saga I’m sure that Vaughan and Staples will deliver soemthing brilliant. This book has been greatly consistent even when the story has moved away from Marko and co. and the introduction of new characters always leaves me wondering what were going to get; especially after the dragon and Prince Robots debuts. Staples will deliver some of the best artwork seen this week, thats a given while I’m convinced the story may well be one of the weirdest and wildest on the shelves.

Wolf #6


Official Synopsis: The gates are open. Hell is coming to Earth.

Why its a Pick: In all honesty Wolf has been a really pleasent surprise, I wasnt convinced by this title when the first issue launched, and brought it as I wanted anew title that week and this was the one I was most intrigued by- however since that moment I havent looked back. The book is amazingly well written and contains enough supernatural elements and monsters hiding in plain sight, to keep the book interesting and engaging. The characters are brilliantly wirtten and feel like real fleshed out people which is lways good, and the twist at the end of the first arc was a brilliant set-up for this upcoming story. This has been a great independent title that I’m hopeful continues to deliver the brilliant story work its been doing.

Book of the Week


Saga is so consitently good, that its hard to imagine it not stealing book of the week anytime it gets a release.And once again here it is as the top book on my reading pile this week.

Hope you enjoy this weeks comics and let me know if theres anything your really looking too.


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