Weekly Recommendation: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes


This weeks recommendatin comes in the rare form of a mobile game, and it takes place in none other than the Star Wars universe and is brought to life by non other than EA Games. This game is an addictive RPG style team combat game that has some very nice visuals and some deep character progression choices. But its here mainly as its Star Wars and amazingly addictive.

recommendationOne of the big reasons this game makes it to my weekly recommendation is that it feels very much like Star Wars from the beginning- you get the familiar and famous music along with the main screen of opperations being the Mos Eisley cantina so right off the opening this feels like a true galaxy far far away.


However its once you leave the cantina for one of the many game modes that things really begin to pick up. To start with the aim is to build the best team of 5heroes, villains, scoundrels or droids that you can to take into the Squad Arean and compete agaisnt other players teams; but getting the team of your dreams is fun and challenging at the same time.

As the characters are the really big draw to this game and this universe, lets take a good luck at whos here and whos missing. The main characters you would expect are all here, Luke Skywalker (non Jedi), Darth Sidious, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, Rey, Finn and even Anakin Skywalker. Alongside this you can expect anyone who had more than 2minutes screen time in the movies to be here like Biggs Darksider and Old Daka from the Clone wars series. The actual list of characters also contains a host of stormtroopers, clone troopers (Even 5’s got added recently) and a host of other rebel and imperial troops making the possibilities for your team huge and endless. Im currently running a team consisting of Asajj Ventress, Lumiara, Kylo Ren, Darth Sidious and Captain Phasma- showing just how diverse the team can be as I often rotate in either Count Dooku or Mace Windu.


Once youve acquired your characters (these can be found from collecting shards in missions or through data card purchasing) its time to move onto the missions and the levelling up of characters. As you can see above their is a host of levelling for each character that can take place. Each character starts life at a set number of stars, which can be upgraded by acquiring more character shards, but this is difficult towards the end- but wields huge bonuses to the total power of the character. Another way to add power to the characters is to fill the gear slots, these start out requiring single items at level1 and by the time you reach the top end of the gear can require 40 of 4 different items for a single gear slot making the missions completion all the more important.

Each character also has a number of skills tat can be used in battle and upgraded to do addition damage or provide addition bonuses. Some of these bonuses stun characters (they lose a turn) others heal your team based on a percentage of total health and some cna damage the other players each turn for a number of turns. Upgrading these is essential, as is picking the right mix for your team to be effective. These skills are upgraded through a set of tokens that can be earned in premium mission from the cantina battles or the daily challenges.


The variety of missions in this game is massive, you have the basic missions to collect gear to upgrade your characters that are broken down into light and dark side missions- both of which require a team of 5characters from the corresponding alignment. However there are also the cantina battles where you can earn ability tokens and character shards without limit- other than your energy level, while you can only play the hard mission levels 3times aday for the character shards. Alongside this you have the Squad Arean where you challenge other players teams to move up the leader boards and the Galactic war where you try and move through a board of 10battles agaisnt other teams- however once you lose a character their not available again for the next 24hours. This mode is great and adds some real reason to level a variety of teams and characters adding real depth to the roster and the game.

This gams has striking visuals- especially the force powers and abilities, but at the same time is totally engrossing and addictive. If your after a new mobile game, and you like a toguh challenge then this is the one for you, and lets be honest it Star Wars; why wouldnt you play this.

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