Darth Vaders Kill Count (Marvel)


Marvel launched the Darth Vader comic a full year ago today- and so far in the first 12months the Dark Lord of the Sith has been portrayed as the genuine ‘Bad Ass’ that we all knew he was and gives us a great reason to genuinely fear him. Most of this has been done through the huge body count he has created; but how big is the kill count?

So far Vader has appeared in 22of the Star Wars comics that have been printed by Marvel, and during this time has almost always been involved in some conflict that has led to the Dark Lord of the Sith having to leave bodies in his wake. We have seen him take on an entire fleet of Rebels during ‘Vader Down’ and kill hosts of his own Empirical Stormtroopers in the wake of the first Deathstars destruction. But finally the kind folks over at IGN have compiled the final kill count for Vader and its far more impressive than i even thought.


373 Kills is a very impressive number, and considering that this is nowhere near the end of Vaders time I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes.


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