Spider-Man: Who may be ‘Dead No More’


Marvels most recent and biggest round of teaser images refer to ‘Dead No More’ and the most recent image gave us a clue that it may well relate to the Spider-Verse and its deep history of characters. But who could be coming back, if anyone is at all, lets take a look at who are my top prospects.

thought bubble

Doctor Octopus


Dan Slott has been teasing the return of Doctor Octopus since he killed him off in ASM #700; which was a great issue and produced an amazing (pun intended) run where he had swapped his mind into the body of Peter Parker. However this came to an end when Otto realised that Parker would alwayts be the better hero and gave control of the body back to Parker- but since then Otto has had his mind reside in the ‘LIving Robot’ who assists Parker Industries and it seems only a matter of time before Otto is back and reaking havok on his old nemesis.



d4b30c909f7a689a8cb825c27d19f4a2Scarlet Spider is easily the more popular of the Parker Clones, and has had some recent solo success in the Scarlet Spider series and New Warriors, along with a big role in Dan Slotts Spider-Verse event. Unfortunately the afore mentioned event saw him perish however it was strongly hinted that he had found himself with a new body. And the eternal struggle of Kaine as the imperfect clone trying to live upto the example and morals of Peter Parker feels like a great fit for Dan Slott and his storytelling.


Silver Sable


Silver Sable was one of the big reasons that Spider-Man declared ‘No more deaths’ as she perished attempting to help him save the world in the great ‘Ends of the Earth’ story arc where she drowned battling the Rhino to allow Spidey time to go and battle Dr Octopus. This death obviously was huge for Parker moving forward and his new outlook on life, so seeing her return to the fold and surprising him would be a really great moment. Add to this the fact that Sable has always been fun, interesting (when written well) and a real badass only help improve her chances at returning sooner rather than later.


Parkers Marriage

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Parkers Marriage was wiped away in 2007 by Dan Slott (He’s been on this book forever and does an amazing job) and ever since fans have been clamouring for his relationship with Mary Jane Watson to be re-established, so much so that we recently got a Secret Wars title about this very fact. Maybe just maybe these teasers are more criptic than we think and we could get the renewal of one of comics most beloved relationships; excluding MR J and Harley of course.


Nothing and No-One!!

Dan Slott is not the kind of writer that gives away big secrets or teasers them for months to come making the end results obvious to all who have access to the internet- so maybe just maybe this doesnt mean a single thing that everyone (myself included) is specualting about. Maybe this has more to do with Peter returning and upholding his promise that No-one else will die on his watch and how he can uphold this promise now he has a multi-national company is all over the world with his Spider-Suit. If it is character based you can bet there are some red herrings in their and that the actual resurection wont even be the focus of the main focus of the story arc. Either way this has really got us guessing and excited.

Let me know your thoughts


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