American Gods casts its ‘Shadow’


Starz upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s brilliant ‘American Gods’ has announced its major casting, and it’s no surprise that the lead character of Shaodw has finally been cast meaning filming can begin.

British actor Ricky Whittle (Hollyoaks, Austenland, Mistresses, The 100) has been cast in the role of Shadow, an ex-convict who, upon getting an early release from prison, is hired to be the bodyguard of a mysterious con man called Mr. Wednesday.  Wednesday is traveling across America to recruit forgotten gods in order to wage an epic battle against the new American gods who reflect modern society’s love of technology like the Internet, media, money, celebrities and drugs.


The casting means that filming will no start asap, with David Slade (Hannibal) directing the pilot. I’m excited to see where they go and how they handle this- this is easily one of my favourite novels.


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