Comic Book Picks 27th January’16


Wednesday is but one sleep away, and that brings us closer to the newest round of Comic Book releases, but whats on the must buy list this week? Well here are my to picks for the week.

Hellboy: Winter Special


Official Synopsis: Best-selling novelist Chelsea Cain writes and Michael Avon Oeming draws the first of three snowbound stories. Then Tim Sale visits Mignola’s prehistoric mythology, and in a lead-in to the upcoming issues of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953, Hellboy explores a haunted mine in the barren wastes of Wyoming.

Why its a Pick: Anything Hellboy related is clearly going to take place within the amazing Mignola-verse and ties into the overall story he is telling with Hellboy and that alone is worth reading everything that gets released. However this issue has added intrigue as Avon Oeming gets to draw Hellboy and im excited to see his take on the legendary character. Most of the previous Hellboy one shots have been brilliant reading and I don’t expect this to change here.

Saga #33


Official Synopsis: Upsher and Doff are back on the case

Why its a Pick: Saga is unlike any other book out there, in terms of its look and the crazy science fiction universe that has been built by Vaughan, and it feels fresh and energetic every time you read it for this very reason. The book continues to move the overall stroy forward even when it strays from the central characters and this is a sign of the real strength of the title, and I’m fully expecting this to continue. Im excited to see the search for Hazel continue and to hear more from Hazel herself as she slowly gets older.

Xtraordinary X-Men #6


Official Synopsis: This month, it’s mutants, monsters and…RHINOSAURS?!
With the doors of X-Haven thrown open wide to mutantkind, the Extraordinary X-Men continue their mission of providing relief and rescue to any mutant in need. But when they respond to a distress call originating in WEIRDWORLD, are the X-Men in over their heads…or worse, about to lose them?

Why its a Pick: This book has possibly the most fun of the newly relaunched X-Men titles and its been great to see Storm as the head of the Mutants, atleast for now. Old Man logan has been interesting and seeing Colossus and Nightcrawler get more of a central storyline has also been very refreshing and exciting- and has provided some cool moments so far. For this reason alone this book is making the must buy list, as if comic books aren’t supposed to be fun what are they about?

Book of the Week


Nothing has this book beaten this week for any reason, as I couldn’t be more excited to see more Hellboy tales in whatever form they take. This is easily going to be the first book I read this Wednesday.

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