New Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman trailers

DC has unleashed two new trailers for some of their biggest upcoming movies, in the form of ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Wonder Woman.’ While this isn’t the first Suicide Squad footage, its certainly the first official look at the Wonder Woman stand alone movie- and its pretty damn impressive.

The new Suicide Squad trailer does a great job of introducing the characters to a new audience while also highlighting just how crazy the team should be and how insanely brilliant the action in this movie looks. I’m still not sold on the new Joker look, however Harley has stolen ever bit of footage so far which redeems it in my mind. This one could be the surprise best Superhero movie of the year.



While we don’t get a lot of actual movie footage for Wonder Woman, the glimpse we do get look good. The story seems to fit her actual comic book origin- and this is a real bonus. Add to this the fact the costume is almost a direct comic book copy and this could be worth keeping an eye on. Lets hope the Batman Vs Superman movie doesn’t do her an injustice before her solo movie arrives.

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