Comic Book Picks 13th January’16


Wednesday is nearly here, and that means its once more time for the local comic book store to be raided and for me to spend several days with my face stuck in the pages. But whats worth buying this week? Well here are my picks for the week….

Injection #6


Official Synopsis: BEGINNING A NEW VOLUME: In New York, consulting detective Vivek Headland takes on a case that quickly invokes a murderous sandwich.

Why its a Pick:  Warren Ellis has delivered the regularly crazy storytelling you expect from him but with some really high level Science Fiction twists that have been both engaging and intriguing. The first arc was brilliantly dark, and at times heavy on mythology while telling a great tale- and I expect more of the same in this new story arc.

All New, All New Different Avengers #3


Official Synopsis: Warbringer has made good on his name, and the All-New Avengers stand poised to yank defeat from the jaws of victory unless they can put their differences aside–and in the case of Ms. Marvel and Nova, that doesn’t seem very likely!

Why its a Pick: This has been a great read for the first two issues, as not only do the team feel as though there fresh and new together- but they’re also showing the signs of being a fledgling team that is out of their depths. Warbinger has been drawn well as has the rest of the issues, and this has really helped add to the overall effectiveness of the book. If you want an Avengers title this is the one for you right now!

Evil Dead2: Cradle of the Damned #1


Official Synopsis: Ash is back! Groovy Ash-approved new series and first issue available with three covers, including an EC-themed classic by Batman ’66 artist Ty Templeton! As if that’s not enough, Ash and Annie are back from Hell, hunting down and killing the thousands of Deadite souls loose on Earth. Thank goodness the Dark Ones show up to, well, open the Gateway that sends our heroes into the Mirror Dimension! Did not see that coming!

Why its a Pick: Evil Dead has always been a ton of fun, as have the comic books- they’re not going to set the world on fire but they are nothing short of a totally enjoyable read, and isn’t that the point of comic books?! This series looks set to be exactly the same, and that the reason it makes my list this week- fun factor alone gets this here.

Book of the Week


Warren Ellis has done such a good job with this title, that there’s no way this couldn’t be the book of week for me. If you’ve never read this title now is the time to try.


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