Ash Vs Evil Dead: Top5 moments


Ash Vs Evil Dead has been nothing short of greatly entertaining television and has been exactly what a revamp of this series should have been and needed to be. Its had oodles of cheesy Ash dialogue, lots of over the top blood bath violence, deadite craziness and violence but most importantly it had some great nostalgic nods. With that in mind here are my top 5 moments from the first season (Spoilers Abound).

5: Ash Returns to action in ‘El Jefe’

Everyone knows that Ash has always been a reluctant hero, and more of a lucky bystander at times but he’s always been able to bring it when it comes to killing deadites and the action. With questions of whether an ageing Campbell could still deliver in the air- they were soon killed (Decapitated maybe) by the end of the first episode that saw him engage in chainsaw arm wielding combat with an airborne deadite that made it look he hadn’t missed a beat. Watching Ash fly across thescreen and lock that chainsaw into his arm and then deliver a cool killer line while fighting was everything i wanted and needed to see at this point on the episode. This was the moment that told us Ash is back and he’s just as capable as ever, and this is something we badly needed for the series to be successful.



4: Kelly Loses the plot in ‘Killer of Killers’

This episode contained probably the most out an out action of any of the episodes in this series and also contained a series of gruesome and enjoyable deadite killings- but despite seeing Ash get a lot of action here the episode was stolen by Kelly and her final breakdown against the evil. Up until this episode Kelly had lost her parents to the evil, been possessed by the evil and nearly killed her friends without getting any real payback or even getting a moment to shine and look bad ass for all her trouble- but all of that changed here. Not only did we get to see Kelly exact revenge but she seemed to move forward as she slaughtered a deadite by grinding its face continually through the meat slicer producing slither after slither of its face in what appeared to be a very cathartic moment for her character. Not only was this scene the moment where her character became a real player in the series rather than a back-up piece but it was also one of the more gruesome and brilliantly shot death scenes of all of the deadites.



3: The Books Author appears

No being totally honest here, I really hadn’t seen this coming. This was one of the most shocking moments from the entire series and maybe even including the movies- but having one of the big characters revealed as the original author of the Book of the Dead was a huge move that really worked. While we knew there was something off about Ruby the moment she regenerated from the fire and spoke to the ancient evil, I really hadn’t for a single moment envisioned that she was the author of the book, and this twist gave us some great story telling moving forward and gave us one of the strangest but true to character endings of any series on television. I’m not sure the series could have ended on the same level of brilliance without the change yet at the same time feel this was a bold and brave move to make; never the less this really worked here.



2: The Book store Demon

Of all the new characters and demons/deadites that we get to see in the series the demon that Ash conjurers from the book within a book store is easily the best and most creepy looking evil character that Sam Raimi has ever introduced into the Evil Dead. Getting a real demon introduced, in this case Eligos the Demon of the Mind was a very good moment and watching him easily physically man handle Ash and Pablo was surprising considering how he had been built up to be a weaker demon that the book could conjure. Add to this the fact that he had a broken television screen flutter to his appearance that made him look like he may not even be there along with his teleportation and disappearance tricks and he was a totally surprising but great to watch villain for the shows first real different entity.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.04.33 PM.png


1: Ash Versus Ash?? (Again)

One of the best bits of the original films was watching the cocky Ash take on an identically cocky and dim witted/fast talking Ash clone- so when we got this again not only was it a brilliant throwback to the original trilogy of films but it also provided some great comedy moments for the last few episodes of this series too. Watching two Ash’s pick apart and name the weak points on there bodies as they kick and gauge at them has its comical merits, but it was in establishing the true character of Ash and the true bond of friendship he had made with Pablo and Kelly that made the end to this scene worth the build. And lets be honest watching the house and Ash severed old hand once more get one over on Ash just like the old days has to be worth every moment of the screen time that was devoted to it.


With season1 being finished and highly entertaining here’s hoping season2 gives us some more of the same- there was a great mixture of new material and the familiar here that made the series fresh yet nostalgic feeling at times and it was all the better for this. Long live Ash Baby!!!!!!


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