Comic Book Picks 16thDecember ’15


Wednesday is almost here; and while that means I’ve already seen my live NXT show this week, I’ve got my Nightmare Before Christmas cinema screening tonight and then Star Wars in three days it also means we have a host of new comic books to come too. So whats worth your time this week? Well here are my picks for the pre christmas releases.

Darth Vader Annual #1


Official Synopsis: The planet Shu-Torin has gone against the will of the Empire. It’s time for Vader to bring them in line. A great, evil jumping-on point for fans of the Dark Lord!

Why its a Pick: Darth Vader has looked nothing but a total Badass since Marvel took the reigns to the Star Wars comic book universe, and that exactly the way he should be. Watching him take out multiple units and squadrons in Vader down was amazing and im expecting more of the same brilliance in the annual here. If they can keep the Sith Lord looking strong and Lenil Yu delivers the brilliant splash pages he can this should be an exciting issue. Plus who can get enough Star Wars right now?????

I Hate Fairyland #3


Official Synopsis: Queen Cloudia is forced to bend the rules of Fairyland in hopes to rid their world of Gert once and for all.

Why its a Pick: Skottie Young has been bringing the violence and the laughs in droves within the first two issues, and when you add to that his wonderful art style and the intriguing story this book has been worth every penny. If you loike your tales weird and wonderful, while mixed with profanity and violence (Think Alice in Wonderland meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre) then you owe it to yourself to give this book a go. This may be the most fun book of the year, and I dont see that stopping.

Tokyo Ghost #4


Official Synopsis: Life in paradise is cut short for Led and Debbie, as a snake from their past seeks vengeance on the Constable.

Why its a Pick: Tokyo Ghost has been a great read, the artwork has looked brilliant and the tale of a world overrun by technology which dominates all people and controls them while allowing for crime to flourish isnt to far fetched from what could be our future- and all of this together has made this book engrossing and entertaining. Deb is a really lieable character, while LED has been intense and seeing them happy at the end of the last issue was good but you just knew it wasnt going to last and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when LED needs to fight; will he go back to allowing himself to be lost to tech? Guess we will find out this week.

Book of the Week


No way was anything stealing this weeks book from a Star Wars title, and while I know in my heart of heart Tokyo Ghost will be a better read I’ve been carried away with Star Wars fever and cant get enough of everything related to a Galaxy Far Far Away.


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