Survivor Series Dream Teams

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Survivor Series is only a few days away now, and as such I was posed an interesting question yesterday- What would be my Survivor Series team if timelines, deaths and companies people worked for were no issue. Well here are my teams.

I’m going to get this out of the way now, I really struggled to pick a single team of 5 as I began to realise I really wanted others in the team. However if I had to pick one team of 5 here it is:

Shawn Michaels (HBK)

Idd8593cb8750c16a54d53c52afebbc29_crop_northn my opinion HBK is one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots and step into the world of professional wrestling. Since I’m able to remember he has been deliveing quality in ring matches, great charismastic promos and unforgettable moments each and everytime the stage is set for him to show up. Who can forget his match with HHH at HEll in a Cell, or the infamous Montreal match and the 2WrestleMania moments with Taker. This man has delvired time and time again and is always a joy to watch- this is the reason he sits atop my team and captains the group. Ohhh yeah and he can hit “Sweet Chin Music” from anywhere at any time.


AJ Styles

download (1).jpgThis man may very well but the best wrestler currently working, and has a great degree of technical ability mixed in with a high flying move set that just makes everything he does well worth watching. He seems to have become a hotter property in the last 18months than his entire time with TNA, and I’m honestly surprised WWE havent been knocking on his door. That said he brings tons of experience to the team, a crazyly brilliant moveset to watch and has one of the best finishes going with the “Styles Clash.” I can imagine a Styles Clash set up with a low Sweet chin music before the fall, and that would steal the show for sure.




This Man may well be the most underutilised talent today within the WWE, and I’ve spent time discussing this before but its true. Despite a recent upswing, his match on Raw with Reigns was superb, it still seems hes not given the credit he deserves. He has a crazy amount of natural athletic abilty, ring skill and awareness along with one of the most enthralling movesets in the business. How you couldnt want the ‘Swiss Superman’ on your team and looking to steal the show would be beyond me.


Bret Hart


Ok, Bret and HBK may not be the best of buddies to team together, but they are easily two of the best with Bret being the much more technically sound wrestler. This is one of the first professional wrestlers i saw and he tottally captivated me, so there was no way he was not making the team. His in ring style was so technical and precise that I feel alongside the flashy nature of Styles he would stand out even more as the dissecting member of the team that does all the damage before the flair can finish them off. However more than that he has delivered some of the best matches in WWE and had such an arsenal of moves that giving him a great team to work with would only help showcase his brilliance.


CM Punk

CM-Punk-Sitting-On-The-Ring_crop_650x440Every team needs a mouth piece and this is the one for me, as there has been no-one bettter on the microphone (Heymen doesn’t wrestle) in a long time within the WWE and when you add that to the ability Punk had within the ring he is star the likes of which this generation may not see again anytime soon. While I toyed with Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura and Jay Lethal for this spot Punk took the spot based on the fact he was always interesting to watch in his matches, delivered some classic with the industries top names and cant be touched on his promo skills. Add to that the fact the man left based on his beliefs and he has all the rights tools to stick it to the other team in the ring and on the Microphone.

Well thats my team, lets hear what and who you guys would pick.


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