Random Thoughts: Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer Breakdown


Star Wars debuted what Disney is calling ‘The Trailer’ for Star Wars Episode VII yesterday, and I booked my tickets (YES!!!!!!), it has been massive continual viewing for me since, so with that in mind im going to use my ‘Thought Bubbles’ and break down the best new titbits of the trailer.

thought bubbleBefore I begin here is the trailer one more time:

Ok now lets break this down and look at all the cool new titbits of information and images that we managed to get. First and foremost we don’t get a whole host of new storyline information, but what we do get is some great shots that give us huge amounts of character potential and storyline potential, along with a massive amount of inference we can make towards where we may be going.


The trailer opened with some amazing new shots of Rey, along with the voice over of her being asked “Who are You?” to which she responds “No-one.” But is that true? The speculation is rampant that she is going to be a Jedi, and this make sense as im convinced she will be a Skywalker by blood somehow and is potentially aware of her heritage or the possibility of this.

The shots of her within the Star Destroyer are brilliant too, they look epic and really give a sense of scale to the ship and to how small she may truly be in the grand scheme of things at this time. But what is Rey after on the Star Destroyer and why is she scavenging? My theory is she is feels like Luke in the original trilogy and she is left on a planet where she feels wasted and like nothing is going to happen for her, and that was alluded to brilliantly in the trailer as she stares up at the incoming ship and seems to be wanting more from the galaxy than where she is.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 10.07.19

Theres a shot before this too, of her and BB8 side by side in the desert that gives us a good indication of the relationship between these two and how much the rely on one another- could this be a nod to the Skywalker and R2D2 relationship. And we also get to see Rey’s staff in a few shots on her back, which means she knows how to use this, the poster seemed to hint at it being her weapon of choice- so is this a set-up for our first Jedi with a dual bladed saber? I’m hoping so, but only time will tell on this one im sure. However with all of these shots in the opening few seconds the trailer was already great, and it continued to deliver.


We get the same shots we’ve seen of Finn so far in the teasers to follow on from the Rey images and that’s of him removing a stormtrooper helmet and then potentially crash landing on Jakku and looking out towards the town where im sure he will eventually encounter Rey.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 10.13.30

However we did get to hear him speak for the first time and what was said is less telling than the images themselves “I was raised to do one thing…….but I’ve got nothing to fight for!” What was he raised to do, was he raised as part of the First Orders (Empire) training programme that specifically looked at taking force sensitive children on board (see Star Wars Rebels) and making them weapons, or was he raised for something more by his parents than the First Order and he is now deserting as he no longer believes in the cause? There are so many questions here, and very few answers which is nice to see as we normally know the whole story of a movie going in.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 12.18.51

Kylo Ren

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 10.20.41This is one of the biggest reveals in the trailer as not only do we truly hear him, but we get to see a huge amount of what he may be doing and how powerful he may well be. We get to see him looking at the Helmet of Darth Vader as he says “I will finish what you started” so is Ren on a mission to eradicate all Jedi like Vader was, and is this the reason that him and the ‘Knights of Ren’ may well be ransacking villages/towns (seen later in the trailer)? Or is he looking to find the true thing Anakin first started when he joined the Dark Side and find the ability to prevent death and return those he loves to life through the force- if this is the case could he be looking to resurrect the former dark lord of the Sith?

What we get next looks totally insane too, as we get to see what appears to be Ren torturing Poe with the force, and planting images of destruction to the places he loves in side his head. Now we got to see Vader torture Han in the original trilogy but this wasnt done with the Force so getting to see this shows the level of power and brutality that Ren may well possess. Either way this doesn’t look like a pleasant time is being had by Poe.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 10.23.34

As i mentioned the ‘Knights of Ren’ who are a force sensitive group of warriors who have long been in the galaxy its only fair to share what must be the first glimpse of them. They are shown standing as a group in the rain with Ren at the front looking ultimately badass and menacing. We knew the cast of the Raid (m ain cast) were appearing in the movie in undisclosed roles but surely this must be what their being for, and if that’s the case we should expect some amazing scenes when they all unleash their Saber based weapons.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 10.32.56

Poe and Finn

We get a brief moment where Poe and Finn meet at what appears to be a rebellion sto=rong hold or rallying point and this doesn’t go aswell as you may expect. It appears that the know each other as Poe places his hand on Finn’s shoulder and smiles, however Finn looks less happy with this and seems to shout him a stare that isn’t all to welcoming. But how do these two know each other? Is it somehow related to Poes parents and their part in the fall of the Empire post ‘Return of the Jedi? Or did Finn see and know Poe while being tortured by Ren aboard a First Order ship before he deserts? Either way this should be fun to see where these have previously encountered each other.

Luke Skywalker

So far Disney and Lucas have been coy about Luke, he hasn’t been featured on anything, we havent heard what he is doing or has been doing and we havent seen him in the trailers! Or is this a shot of him briefly:

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 10.37.06

It certainly looks like Luke to me with the robotic hand and R2D2 standing next him, but when and where does this take place. I like the fact we havent seen Luke yet, as when he does appear on-screen its going to be a total geek out moment to see him there- even if im not expecting it any earlier than the final act. But where is Luke in all this, has he cast himself away to try to rebuild the force? Or has he simple been cast out after the revelation that the Emperor was the Dark Lord of the Sith- as it would be easy to imagine the entire galaxy not trusting Force Users of any sort after this revelation comes to light.

I like to think Luke has been training new Jedi or atleast making people who are more force sensitive aware of the Force and how this flows through everything and can be utilised. I’m not convinced that the next shot is a Jedi temple and not just a Rebel base or hangout but im hoping its one of the few remaining temples, although the droid presence makes this very unlikely.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 10.35.18

Other Moments

There are plenty of other moments well worth mentioning, such as the amazing looking aerial battles, that don’t seem to just take place in space, the first time we see the Millenium Falcon its flying across Jakku being chased by Tie Fighters. We also see a snow based planet with a host of X-Wings and Tie fighters going at it, we get to see the Empire led by Captain Phasma burning down a village- but to what end? As is that where Luke is with R2D2?

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 12.17.56

We get to see the Millenium Falcon in battle with some Tie fighters and a great explosion going on in right in the flight path of the classic and heart warming space ship. Princess Leia makes an appearance in the arms of Solo, and Chewbacca makes an appearance in what looks like a surrendering pose- but to who and why? And does there surrender have anything to do with the hinted at but not yet seen Star Killer? Or is Star Killer, a planet capable of destroying star systems as discussed, and if so is this the first real glimpse of it

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 12.23.56

Check out the background of the unknown snow based planet here? Is that a trench in the far left background, or is the planet opening up? What ever the case it seems to get Rey and BB8’s attention, and the way the trailer is cut is appears that it also causes Han, Chewwie and Finn to look in awe. Could this be the Star Killer??

All the images I’ve referenced can be seen here in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall this trailer was amazing and while giving us not a lot of story, has given me loads to question and wonder about- let’s be honest im not the only one. Roll on the 18th December.

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