Weekly Recommendation: Limbo


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a beautiful side scrolling platform game available on mobile devices and consoles called ‘Limbo.’ This game may have been around a while now but it still easily one of the best modern platformers in terms of appeal, look and ingenuity.


Limbo is the tale a nameless boy, who awakens in the middle of a forest on the “edge of hell” (the game’s title is taken from the  of Latin limbus, meaning “edge”). While seeking his missing elder sister, he encounters only a few human characters who either attack him, run away, or are dead. The game uses a very eye-catching and oddly beautiful black and white shading design to portray all of the environments and a ‘trial and death’ technique to get you through each of the 24stages to the end of the game.


When you first load the game the real shock is the lack of story given to you, your simple a boy waking up in an odd world and having to find your way through. There is no on-screen narrative or simple introduction to the controls the game simple throws you in and lets you explore for a short period of time until you find the first puzzle to complete. Now while this sounds odd, it is totally brilliant- the game only has movement, drag and jump controls so the basics of this are easy to use that the simple straight into the gameplay helps draw you into the world from the very beginning.

The next engrossing aspect of the game is the simple yet confusing puzzle aspect, as each mini-stage contains a puzzle that gets more complex as you move through but each of them has a great solution. The first real puzzle is the meeting and defeating of a giant spider creature that really takes some figuring out and solving- but from this point forward you have learnt that nothing is left in the environment by chance or randomly as everything needs you to use it. As these puzzles progress they get more beautiful and more complex, but each one is engrossing and demands your attention until you complete it.


The games best feature however has to be the amazing graphics- well not so much the graphics but definitely the look the game has. The visuals work so brilliantly, and some of the death animations are gruesome and enticing at the same time, but seeing the landscape evolve from a wonderful forest to an industrial world and back is truly breathtaking as you move through. If you play this game for no other treason you deserve to give it a try simply for the amazing look and feel.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recommendation: Limbo

    • It did recieve some major hype, and while i love the game for a first title from a developer- it wasnt the new genre defining title some reviews made it out to be.
      Still a great game, if not short and light on story.

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